Supporting Gender Pay and Pay Equity Compliance
As efforts to narrow the gender pay gap are intensified across the globe, we launch our series of global insights into the issue.
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For today's employers, managing a global workforce requires complying with local labor and employment laws in multiple jurisdictions, staying abreast of rapidly changing regulations, handling the growing demands of labor unions and works councils, and moving talent quickly across borders. It also means developing strategies to retain high-potential employees, especially during reorganizations and spinoffs. To achieve these objectives, it's essential for employers to stay up-to-date on the latest employment trends in areas such as workforce restructuring, reward programs, and labor and human rights.        

We are the only firm currently ranked Band One by Chambers Global for Employment. Chambers Global cites the global employment practice as a "premier global employment practice that regularly assists multinational corporations with the employment aspects of corporate transactions." For many years, our employment practice has received band 1 rankings at a country level across the world.



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The Global Employer: A Primer on International Labor and Employment Issues
A collection of diverse articles geared toward helping multinational employers navigate the labor and employment challenges unique to cross-border operations.

The Global Employer: Focus on Global Immigration and Mobility 2017-2018
Provides guidance and highlights vital information that multinational employers need to know about managing the movement of managers and professionals, trainees and business visitors - from short trips to long-term assignments.

The Global Employer: Focus on Trade Unions and Works Councils
Highlights what multinational employers need to know in managing their relationships with works councils, trade unions, employee collective representatives, and the labor regulatory regime for 32 jurisdictions around the world.

The Global Employer: Termination Handbook 2017
Note: Updated as of November 2017

Provides employers and human resources professionals with a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of termination labor law in the countries outlined globally.


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