Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is a business imperative for global employers. A diverse and inclusive workforce enables a wider talent pool, helping to plug skills gaps, drive innovation, enhance profitability and improve competitiveness. We are seeing a continued push by employees calling for greater transparency and action from businesses to eliminate inequality. Likewise, investors are becoming more focused on the issue and intensifying media attention is continuing to advance the global conversation around diversity and inclusion.

"51% of diversity leaders identify recruiting diverse talent as a priority. However, recruitment initiatives alone are not enough to balance the workforce population. 45% of organizations are also prioritizing retention of underrepresented groups, which emphasizes the importance of culture — employers need to ensure the working environment enables diverse talent to thrive and progress."
Mind the Gap: Building a Holistic View of Inclusion & Diversity

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Compliance Audits and Strategic Action Plans

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  • Inclusion and Diversity. We can help you take a comprehensive look at where your company stands in relation to numerous inclusion and diversity trends and regulations. Our custom compliance audits can be completed online in a secure environment or downloaded and completed in hard copy.
  • Equal Pay Audits and Risk Management. We can undertake local and multi-jurisdictional pay audits (including our own in-house analysis of data) to identify potential exposure and advise on strategies to reduce legal risk. We can also advise on compensation policies and practices, and train your workforce (including managers, recruiters and others involved in making compensation decisions).


"There is still a 31.4% average gender gap that remains to be closed globally."
World Economic Forum - Global Gender Gap Report 2020

We know confidentiality is paramount and take great care to ensure and protect legal privilege whenever possible.


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We do all we can to help multinational and domestic employers avoid litigation. When this is not possible, we also have deep experience defending employers in high-stakes local, cross-border and collective litigation. Our experienced employment litigators regularly defend individual and class actions and challenges to pay practices. We partner with our clients to develop a strategic, cost-effective approach to proactively minimize risk and manage sensitive internal and external communications.


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We conduct independent and thorough investigations for employers facing serious allegations of workplace misconduct and harassment. We specialize in sensitive, high-stakes matters that involve the leadership ranks of an organization — board members, executive officers and management team members and key personnel. We also review existing investigation procedures, conduct investigation file audits, and recommend changes to the investigative process and investigator training.

Diversity Program Policies and Practices

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We provide employers with the policies and best practices necessary to achieve their inclusion and diversity program objectives. We review employer policies, handbooks, reporting and investigations procedures and Codes of Conduct to ensure compliance with applicable law. We counsel clients on developing and implementing effective and compliant diversity and inclusion strategies that protect the corporate brand and reputation, expand business opportunities and create a competitive advantage by strengthening relationships with customers, employees, stockholders, regulators and the general public.


Companies in the top-quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 21% more likely to outperform on profitability and 27% more likely to have superior value creation."

Customized Workforce Training

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Training tailored to your workforce for managers and non-managers. We can conduct customized training courses for your workplace, or if preferred, train the trainers responsible for doing so. General HR trainings we offer include:
  • Anti-Discrimination / Anti-Harassment
  • Global Respect and Dignity
  • HR Data Management
  • HR Disability Accommodations
  • Internal Investigations Training for HR
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers and Employees
  • Promoting and Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Inclusion and Diversity Assessments

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We can help you undertake a broader analysis of your company’s approach to diversity and inclusion, looking at what can be done to enhance your inclusion and diversity programs, to improve opportunities, career progression, talent planning, employee wellbeing, and more, to ensure that your company reaps the benefits of a holistic inclusion and diversity strategy.