Reinvent is Baker McKenzie's innovation program. It brings together all our change initiatives in support of better client outcomes. It connects our service design, alternative legal services and legal project management team, our Global e-Discovery and Data Advisory teams, Reinvent Fellows and more. But it is more than the sum of these parts. Reinvent captures our commitment to apply clever solutions to meet our clients' challenges and most strategic goals – the people, process, and technology that can accelerate change and deliver speed, accuracy, flexibility and efficiency gains.


Closing the Invention Gap


Closing the Invention Gap Cover


Our newest report, written in collaboration with The Oracle Partnership and leading industry innovators Jae Um and Mary-O'Carroll, highlights the urgent need for innovation in the legal industry. It explores emerging risks and opportunities, models future scenarios and sets out a framework for action.


Reinvent Social Impact: Child Detention

At the World Congress on Justice with Children on 15 November, Baker McKenzie announced that it has released Reinvent Social Impact: Child Detention, an AI-driven examination of the detention of children which was generated by leading technology company SparkBeyond’s AI engine. In its research for Reinvent Social Impact: Child Detention, Baker McKenzie leveraged SparkBeyond to mine the entirety of web data about child detention globally. This project is inspired by and in collaboration with the Global Initiative and Justice with Children, the collection of advocacy and human rights organizations bringing to life the World Congress on Justice with Children. The AI platform revealed a troubling view of the unintended consequences of depriving children of their liberty.

Do you want to see the tool in action? Book a session to talk to leaders from Baker McKenzie and SparkBeyond, who will walk you through the tool and explore how it can help you make a difference. We will accommodate those we can who are working in the public interest to come see how they can use the tool to advocate for the rights of children.



Our Focus Areas

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Adopting best practice tools and approaches to transform the legal function to meet new organizational demands.


Improving how our services are delivered to increase efficiency, cost certainty and quality of legal counsel.

  Exploring next generation solutions to evolve organizational challenges and solve commercial problems. 


Our Change Initiatives

  • We are partnering with leading Intellectual Property solutions provider, MaxVal, to provide clients with a next generation IP platform.

  • Signed an exclusive three-year partnership with artificial intelligence leaders SparkBeyond. This partnership will work to solve many of the problems that have so far prevented true disruption of legal services and the legal business by machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as in social impact activities, As part of this, we have appointed Danielle Benecke to lead our team who will be charged with combining our legal domain expertise with data science and machine learning.

  • As part of our partnership with SparkBeyond, we have launched Reinvent Social Impact: Child Detention, an AI-driven study on child detention and family separation that was generated by our lawyers enhanced by the capabilities of SparkBeyond’s AI engine. In our research, we leveraged data science and SparkBeyond's technology to analyze at scale the entirety of Web data about global child detention.

  • Became one of the founding partners and first law firm sponsors of the World Economic Forum's Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) - a global hub of expertise, knowledge-sharing and collaboration for co-designing and piloting innovative new approaches to policy and governance.

  • Created an in-house global service design team with people located in the US, UK, Germany and Singapore to better meet client needs.

  • Established our Reinvent Fellows program to target tangible service delivery improvements by either changing how we work, or addressing a material client problem. We currently have 11 Fellows running 7 projects across 5 practice areas, with all Fellows given fee-earning relief to focus on developing and delivering innovation initiatives.

  • Launched our LegalTech Startup program, which currently includes 13 companies.

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