Organizations looking to remain resilient and competitive in the new economy are taking action on sustainability. But in a changing environment in which sectors, jurisdictions and individual companies are moving at different paces, the path forward can feel uncertain. We are the partner you need now – to help you to move forward, sustainably. Our multidisciplinary global team will work alongside you to identify key risks, establish and evolve sustainable practices, make pivotal investments and comply with changing regulation – to set direction and navigate legal risk in the journey ahead.


Why Baker McKenzie?

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We set up the world’s first climate change practice more than 20 years ago and haven’t stopped innovating since. Because we collaborate with institutions like the WEF, UNGC and WBCSD to shape future debate and policy, we bring unique insight on the direction of travel of sustainability regulation and best practice.   Our expertise on transactions, advisory and contentious matters across all major markets and industries gives us a top-down view on sustainability that matches your needs. We frequently address big picture questions on strategy as well as specific legal risks, both from a global and local perspective.   We are on our own sustainability journey and that means that we share your experiences and challenges and can meet you where you are. Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy and we lead the legal profession on matters of inclusion & diversity, environmental performance, SDG alignment, and more.


Our Sustainability Client Solution: The STEPS Framework

Our holistic, multidisciplinary, global Sustainability Client Solution is underpinned by the STEPS Framework, which provides service solutions across critical milestones to help you move forward, sustainably – and because sustainability is a non-linear journey, the framework is designed to flex to your priorities. From setting strategy to executing transactions, collaboration and investments that will deliver on sustainability objectives and reporting on your progress.

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