The transition to a carbon-neutral economy is a seismic shift on a global scale, leaving no sector untouched. The urgent strategic, operational and reputational challenges are considerable, but so are the opportunities for growth.

Baker McKenzie is at the forefront of market-leading deals within this context in the renewable energy and clean technology sector. Our multidisciplinary global team helps energy producers, investors and users forge their energy transition journey in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, enabling them to transform, powerfully.

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COP Cast Series

Interviews and discussions with experts and active players in the climate and carbon markets, exploring the expectations and issues which will be centerstage at the upcoming COP meeting.

SPECIAL EDITION | Part 2 of 2: Road to COP26
Exploring the Rise, Risks & Opportunities Around Carbon Offsets

As the development of voluntary carbon markets becomes an important aspect in the "race to zero," our lawyers discuss what risks and opportunities this brings for the private sector.

SPECIAL EDITION | Part 1 of 2: Road to COP26
Managing Corporate Risk Through Climate Governance

In this podcast, we explore the increase in both mandatory obligations and voluntary commitments, as global organizations recognize the urgency around corporate climate responsibility. Our lawyers consider what implications this has for corporate governance, and what measures global organizations can take to improve governance, manage risk and contribute to positive change.