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President Biden Issues Executive Order to Promote Vigorous Antitrust Enforcement in Key Markets

The Order sets competition-law priorities for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US Department of Justice (DOJ), and more than a dozen other federal agencies.
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Antitrust laws are relevant to companies looking to expand, needing to defend themselves against attacks from competitors and antitrust agencies, and wanting to keep their businesses focused on commercial issues rather than on litigation and seemingly endless investigations. 

For those looking to expand, we help navigate the merger control and assessment process, highlighting the risks and opportunities. For companies defending themselves in the face of serious antitrust infringement allegations, our swift guidance can mean the difference between complete immunity and prison sentences and multimillion-dollar fines.

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Competition Litigation Module — A space to explore key themes common to competition litigation, such as criminal and civil cartel matters, individual and class action litigation, predatory pricing matters, and issues arising from M&A transactions, along with the latest developments, all from a multijurisdictional perspective. 

Global Dawn Raid App — A mobile application that, across 44 countries, provides clients experiencing a raid with real-time step-by-step guidance on their rights and obligations, as well as instant access to Baker McKenzie antitrust lawyers. 

Global Competition Compliance Toolkit — A toolkit of building blocks to enable in-house counsel to create a competition compliance program that works globally.

Global Guide to Competition Litigation — Competition litigation is a fast growing and complex area of commercial litigation that often requires coordination of strategy across jurisdictions. This guide gives a multijurisdictional perspective on the core issues arising when bringing or defending a private claim for damages resulting from a breach of competition law.

Global Competition Law "Health Check" Guide — A best practice guide to conducting competition law compliance health checks.

Global Vertical Restraints Portal – An online, interactive website which provides an "at a glance" assessment of the most relevant and common vertical restraints under the national laws of over 20 jurisdictions. It also includes partner contacts and details of recent enforcement, updated regularly.

Our Antitrust & Competition experts around the world are committed to providing you with the latest updates, developments and commentary from across the globe. Below, is a selection of our latest webinars and podcasts. All series and recordings can be accessed below.

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Competition Essentials

  • The competition law landscape has undergone unprecedented developments in the Asia Pacific region over the past decade. Our lawyers will provide a practical hands-on guide to navigating an increasingly complex operating environment, in a series of live and on-demand formats. Our Essentials program will cover how to spot the key competition law risks from a multi-jurisdictional perspective, with on-the-ground insights from our teams across Asia Pacific.

Antitrust & Competition Situation Room

  • Our team in Tokyo has launched a podcast series called the "Antitrust & Competition Situation Room". Due to the coronavirus situation, all businesses have been impacted, but Antitrust & Competition enforcement will not stop. This podcast program will be used as a platform to provide everyone with up to date information. 

In the Know: Interviews with Enforcers

  • The “In the Know”: Interviews with competition authorities in Asia Pacific podcast series is prepared by the Baker McKenzie Asia-Pacific Antitrust & Competition Practice Group. Each episode will feature enforcers from a competition authority in the Asia Pacific region, who will share with us their unique views on competition enforcement priorities, and the key developments in competition policy and law enforcement in their jurisdiction. Be in the know, listen to our podcast and get up to speed on competition policy and law developments in the Asia-Pacific region on the go.


EU & UK: Competition Law - Essential Knowledge for In-House Lawyers Mastering the Basics for Your Business

  • Competition law remains a priority compliance area for businesses. Our program of basic webinars covered the key areas of competition law in the UK and in the EU and the important issues you need to be aware of. These webinars are primarily aimed at participants who are new to competition law and/or who have not had specialist competition law training or extensive experience applying EU/UK competition law. The aim of the webinars is to equip in-house lawyers with the skills to spot the issues and avoid the pitfalls.

North America

Beating the Competition

  • The North America Antitrust & Competition Group has launched a podcast series called "Beating the Competition". This is also available on Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts.