We are delighted to share our Diving into Diversity Vlog Series. Our Baker McKenzie Employment team will be diving into Inclusion, Diversity & Equity topics throughout this series to bring your attention to upcoming changes, interesting developments and key takeaways for you to be aware of from an Employment law angle.

If you have any further questions on how these changes may impact your organization or would like to discuss any areas of legal work that you are focusing on in the Inclusion, Diversity and Equity space, please don’t hesitate to contact your regular Baker McKenzie contact.


Episode one - Immigration and Employment issues relating to new visa costs

This 10 minute watch deals with the increasing cost of the UK visa process and the impact these changes will have on employers. The intersection between employment law and immigration is an interesting and topical one – prudent employers will have this on their radars as the implications of the visa fee and salary band changes mean that employers may need to actively consider reviewing their policy and decision making processes balancing fairness and compliance, with respect to their workforces.

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