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The Next Decade in Fintech

The financial sector has exemplified the massive benefits that come from embracing innovation and digital disruption, but staying on the cutting edge of progress demands constant evolution.
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With digital transformation driving an unprecedented shift in financial institutions (FIs), we provide the full range of legal services FIs and fintech innovators need to develop and adopt products and services such as crowdfunding, e-payment platforms, cryptocurrencies, digital banking and peer-to-peer lending.

We advise clients on fintech matters including data protection, regulatory compliance, tax structuring, capital raising, consumer protection, commercial contracts, M&A, competition law and employment matters. Our years of experience acting for some of the world's largest and most innovative technology companies gives our fintech clients access to time-tested techniques and strategies.

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Episode 31: Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Financial Services

In this episode, members of Baker McKenzie’s Employment and Compensation group, Blair Robinson (Partner, New York) and Lorren Martin (Senior Associate, London) discuss the issues around IDE faced by financial institutions on both sides of the Atlantic and globally, with Rachel Farr, Senior Knowledge Lawyer.

Episode 30: EU Whistleblowing Directive: Key Takeaways for Financial Institutions

In this episode, Dr. Nicolai Behr (Partner, Munich), Lorren Martin (Senior Associate, London) and Lois Rodriguez Ares (Senior Associate, Madrid) take a closer look at the EU Whistleblowing Directive and the key takeaways for financial institutions. The episode also covers specific developments across different jurisdictions and other challenges that global employers need to consider for their respective organizations.

Special Edition - Solutions for a Connected World: Quantum Computing in the Finance Industry — Friend or Foe?

Quantum computing is still in its infancy, but most experts expect it to reach transformational powers in the next decade, bringing massive technological revolution but also new opportunities for early movers.

In this episode, Mark Simpson (Partner, London) is joined by Elena Strbac (Global Head of Data Science Innovation, Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking, Standard Chartered) and Peter Chapman (President and CEO, IonQ) to explore how — and why — the finance sector is gearing up for this monumental shift.

Episode 28: The Year Ahead: Financial Institutions Trends in the Global Disputes Landscape 2023

In this episode, Jonathan Peddie, global chair of the Financial Institutions group and a partner from our London office and Amy Greer, co-chair of our North America Financial Regulation and Enforcement practice and a partner from our New York office, go through the findings relevant for financial institutions (FIs) from our new report The Year Ahead: Global Disputes Forecast 2023. The episode examines the expected types of disputes and the external risks for disputes throughout the rest of the year.

Episode 27: Fintech in South Africa and the Sub-Saharan African Region

The growth of the African fintech ecosystem is driven by the creation of value through solving real problems within large user markets, not just the availability of capital. In this episode of FInsight, Ashlin Perumall, a partner from our Corporate and M&A practice in Johannesburg, and Sarah Williams, an associate from our financial services practice in London, discuss the fintech landscape in South Africa and other key markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. They take a closer look at investment drivers and opportunities, current and emerging market segments, and key commercial and regulatory developments affecting the fintech ecosystem in the region.

Episode 26: UK Fintech Week 2022: State of the Fintech Nation

In this episode of FInsight, London partners Sue McLean, Mark Simpson, and David Hart talk about UK Fintech Week 2022. They cover the biggest trends and developments around Fintech in the UK, with special focus on the expected topics throughout the event. The episode takes a closer look at the investment landscape (including the UK's position as a fintech hub, active investors and top sub-sectors) and the current and expected regulatory developments that fintech players need to watch out for.

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