The financial services industry is undergoing sweeping changes driven by regulatory developments and continued consolidation in the sector. The lines between traditionally discrete business areas have become less clear.

Our Global Financial Services Regulatory Guide provides a comprehensive summary of regulations applicable to banks and other financial services companies around the world, brought together by the collective knowledge and experience of more than 500 banking and finance lawyers in Baker McKenzie’s global network.

The Guide, now enabled to make quick comparisons across geographies, highlights the ‘icebergs’ firms need to look out for when distributing financial products into new markets.

Covering 35 jurisdictions – including both key financial centers and emerging economies - the Guide is the first port of call for financial institutions, answering key questions such as ‘what types of activities require a license?’ and ‘what are the requirements to obtain authorization’?

This guide will provide you with the following insights for each of the 35 jurisdictions:

  1. Banking and financial services regulators
  2. The main sources of regulatory laws
  3. The types of activities that require a license
  4. How the licensing requirements apply to cross-border business
  5. The requirements to obtain authorization
  6. The process for becoming authorized
  7. The financial services “passporting” arrangements each jurisdiction has with other jurisdictions
  8. Authors and Contact Information

Please note that this guide was updated in November 2019.


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