Our international trade compliance lawyers from around the world reviewed major developments impacting international trade for this year's Virtual Global Trade Conference.

Click on the links below to watch a 90 minute recorded session covering topics such as global sanctions updates including Russia, China trade restrictions and compliance, US, Canada and Mexico forced labor developments, among others.

Sanctions Update - Round the World

Speakers Alison Stafford Powell (Chair), Kerry Contini, Julia Webster, Ben Smith, Derk Christiaans, Philippe Reich and Vladimir Efremov (Partner, Melling, Voitishkin & Partners) provided updates on trade sanctions and developments globally:

  • US, EU, UK, Switzerland, Canada - sanctions updates and novel tools
  • Russia - compliance considerations and challenges in exiting/winding down and navigating ongoing business
  • Cloud/SaaS - changing sanctions and export control approaches
  • Venezuela, Myanmar, Sudan - cybercrime and other developments

Watch our 2023 Sanctions Updates session

Navigating and Mitigating Continuing Trade Restrictions Against China

Speakers John McKenzie (Chair), Iris Zhang, Paul Amberg, Junko Suetomi, Alison Stafford Powell and Christine Streatfeild focused on trade restrictions against China and how to navigate them:

  • Entity listings
  • Semiconductor/advanced computing rules - comparing US, EU and Japanese approaches
  • ICTS Regulations
  • Section 301 duties update

Watch our Trade Restrictions against China session

Complying with China's Export Control and Countersanctions Regimes

Speakers John McKenzie (Chair), Tina Li, Ivy Tan and Iris Zhang delved on China's export control and countersanction regimes compliance:

  • Navigating China's Counter Espionage Law in due diligence, contracts, and data transfers
  • Unreliable Entity List update
  • Anti-foreign sanctions law update
  • China's export control regime in force

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A Multijurisdictional Review of Enforcement and Cooperation Trends in Sanctions and Export Controls

Speakers Alison Stafford Powell (Chair), Janet Kim, Alex Lamy, Terry Gilroy and Tristan Grimmer talked about the trends in sanctions and export controls:

  • Sanctions enforcement around the G7
  • DOJ Enforcement and the New Disruptive Technology Strike Force
  • UK updates: OFSI adopts strict liability; due diligence standards
  • Focus on evasion, diversion
  • Anatomy of an investigation/investigation strategies and expectations

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Update on Forced Labor Developments: US, Mexico and Canada, UFLPA and Lessons Learned

Speakers John McKenzie (Chair), Meredith DeMent, Eunkyung Kim Shin, Jose Hoyos-Robles, Julia Webster and Christine Streatfeild summarized forced labor developments in US, Canada and Mexico, and lessons learned for proactive management:

  • Comparison of developments
  • Navigating WROs and proactive risk management
  • Due diligence expectations and best practices

Watch our Forced Labor Developments session in US, Canada and Mexico

Facing the future: Tackling the Confluence of Compliance Risks and Controls Through Contingency Planning

Speakers John McKenzie (Chair), Rod Hunter, Kerry Contini, Aleesha Fowler, Alison Stafford Powell and Bregt Natens rounded trade risks and controls through planning:

  • Outbound and inbound foreign investment restrictions
  • Near/reshoring supply chains
  • ESG compliance
  • Managing third party/stakeholder expectations (e.g. IT, cloud and banking providers)
  • Mitigating litigation risks
  • Finding trade opportunities - trade remedies, FTAs

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