Stay ahead of the latest enforcement trends and best practices for your business with dedicated resources based on the know-how of over 320 specialist competition lawyers in more than 40 countries in our leading antitrust and competition team. 

Distribution Antitrust Risk Tool (DART)

Baker McKenzie’s interactive Distribution Antitrust Risk Tool (DART) provides "at a glance" assessment of various supply chain restrictions under the competition laws of more than 20 jurisdictions.

DART offers an overview of the assessment under the competition laws of a particular jurisdiction vis-a-vis restrictions that are commonly found in supply and distribution agreements and insights as to where and when leniency may be available in a particular jurisdiction.

Find out more about how to manage price-related restrictions, resale restrictions, exclusivity requirements, selective distribution advertising, and online sales restrictions and non-competes. 

Laptop showing the Distribution Antitrust Risk Tool

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Whether you are dealing with a dawn raid or need quick answers to merger control or class action mechanisms, these tools and resources prepared by Baker McKenzie antitrust and competition lawyers around the world will keep you up to speed.

Distribution Antitrust Risk Tool
Assess and compare supply chain restrictions under the competition laws of more than 20 jurisdictions.

An online platform that provides answers to the essential questions on merger control thresholds and timing issues, and is linked to our more comprehensive Global Merger Analysis Platform (GMAP) which provides answers to 94 questions in more than 155 countries.

Are You Prepared for a Dawn Raid?
Get real-time access to guidance on your rights and obligations during a dawn raid across 44 key jurisdictions.

Access a comprehensive review of FIR requirements in over 25 countries.

Litigation Intelligence Tool
Assess your readiness in facing litigation, benchmark against peers and quickly identify gaps in preparedness.

Foreign Investment blog   Competition Litigation Blog   Global Class Actions
Keep up with news and updates on foreign investment review and national security trends.   Understand the trends and developments in competition litigation around the world.   Get up-to-date information on global class and collective actions.

Middle East: Key Antitrust and Competition Trends for Emerging Markets 2023

Our speakers provide an overview perspective on key antitrust and competition trends for emerging markets including, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and Saudi Arabia in 2023.

Beating the Competition: The North America Antitrust Group Podcast

Our antitrust team in North America talk about a range of issues, from managing potential risks in M&A transactions, to potential implications of the review of the US Supreme Court of the Federal Trade Commission's authority to obtain equitable monetary relief under Section 13(b) of the FTC Act.

EU & UK: Competition Law - Essential Knowledge for In-House Lawyers Mastering the Basics for Your Business

Competition law remains a priority compliance area for businesses. Our program of basic webinars covers the key areas of competition law in the UK and in the EU and the important issues you need to be aware of. These webinars are primarily aimed at participants who are new to competition law and/or who have not had specialist competition law training or extensive experience applying EU/UK competition law. The aim of the webinars is to equip in-house lawyers with the skills to spot the issues and avoid the pitfalls.

In the Know: Interviews with Enforcers

In this podcast series, we feature enforcers from a competition authority in Asia Pacific and ask them to share their unique views on competition enforcement priorities, and key developments in competition policy and law enforcement in their jurisdiction.

Off the Shelf: The Global Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Podcast

In Episode 13: Sustainability and Competition Law, the Inside Story, Baker McKenzie's Chief Sustainability Officer Alyssa Auberger and antitrust and competition lawyer Grant Murray discuss how competitor collaboration to address common sustainability challenges in the CG&R industry need not land companies on the wrong side of competition law.

Asia Pacific Antitrust & Competition Handbook


Africa: Overview of Competition & Antitrust Regulations and Developments in 2021

 Asia Pacific Antitrust & Competition Handbook    Cover of Africa guide
Practical resource to help in-house teams identify potential antitrust risks   Comprehensive guide covering latest developments in competition law in 25 African countries


Africa: Competition in the Digital Economy  

Global Guide to Competition Litigation

 Cover of Competition in the Digital Economy   Guide to Competition Litigation
Common themes related to merger control, abuse of dominance and cartel conduct in Africa  

Multijurisdictional perspective on core issues arising from private claims for damages as a result of a breach of competition law


Connected Compliance  

Latin America Antitrust & Competition Handbook

Laptop showing the Connected Compliance report
  Latin America Antitrust & Competition Guide
Report surveys more than 1,300 business leaders in multinationals across UK, UK, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain, China and Germany on compliance  

Guidance on antitrust and competition regulations in seven Latin American countries


Global Attorney-Client Privilege Guide



Laptop with Global Attorney Client Privilege Guide on screen    

Outlines the current law on privilege and privilege issues in regulatory and investigatory situations in 34 jurisdictions



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