European Union (EU) policy makers are pushing a bold agenda to drive and deliver Europe's biggest transformation in a generation. Our leading industry and regulatory expertise and deep relationships with policy makers and enforcement agencies are there to help you anticipate legislative and policy changes that are reshaping key sectors of the economy.

We aim to help you minimize disruption and ensure compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. We can also support you in identifying and benefiting from the opportunities arising from the emergence of a greener, more digital and self-sufficient EU.


Who Are We?

  • A leading competition practice and an international group of EU law and policy experts and regulatory specialists in the energy, technology and life sciences sectors.

  • A one-stop-shop for transactional regulatory approvals, including merger and foreign investment controls.

Our Services


Energy Transition


Digital Transformation


Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Energy Transition   Digital Regulation & Transformation   Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

The EU's commitment to reach carbon-zero by 2050 entails unprecedented change and investment. We can help you redesign your business model in anticipation of future regulations, access public funding opportunities and anticipate — and avoid — regulatory and legal problems from the outset.

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As the EU evolves its digital strategy to position itself as a global data hub, we can help you understand the practical and strategic implications of new EU regulations and access workable solutions and re-wire your business to ensure compliance with minimal disruption.

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Amid seismic changes in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, the European Commission has launched a far-reaching pharmaceutical strategy review. We can help you apply deep pharmaceutical/med tech, regulatory, competition law and transactional bench strength to your life sciences deals and compliance issues.

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