Across the world, trade secrets are becoming increasingly important. As companies align workforce transformation, manage supply chain operations and balance the needs of their digital transformation journey, new strategies are required for the identification, protection and enforcement of their most valuable, complex and market-differentiating trade secrets.

In this series of bite-sized videos, hear from Baker McKenzie's global trade secrets team across disputes, intellectual property, data and technology and employment and compensation on best practices for a strategic, multidisciplinary approach to manage your trade secrets, disputes and risks.

Restrictions on Restrictive Covenants – The Secret to Protecting Trade Secrets
Every business has sensitive components integral to its success, whether trade secrets, customer contacts, or other confidential information that would be appealing to competitors. In Canada, attempting to stop an employee from sharing confidential information, competing, or soliciting customers, suppliers or employees can be tricky. In this video, Jeremy Hann (Partner, Toronto), Ajanthana Anandarajah (Associate, Toronto) and Junaid Malik (Associate, Toronto) discuss the current state of the restrictive covenant landscape and what steps employers can take to protect their businesses.


Best Practices for Maintaining Trade Secrets
Before a trade secret can be protected, companies must take reasonable measures to keep information confidential. Mark Taylor (Partner, Dallas) discusses three key protocols for companies to follow in order to preserve their trade secrets.


Latin America Workplace Investigations and Trade Secrets
In this episode of our Trade Secrets Shorts series, Trench Rossi Watanabe* Partner Leticia Ribeiro discusses workplace investigations in Latin America.

*Trench Rossi Watanabe and Baker McKenzie have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law.

Protecting Sustainable Technologies with Trade Secrets
Companies engaged in sustainable technology development are relying increasingly to trade secrets to protect their innovations, with recent trade secret litigation concerning technologies like recyclable materials , solar panels  and alternative energy sources. Eva-Maria Strobel (Partner, Zurich) discusses what companies can do to achieve their ESG commitments while preserving the value of critical trade secrets assets.

To Patent or to Trade Secret: Which Form of Protection Should You Pursue
Protecting your innovation with the best intellectual property strategy is ever more crucial in our digital world. Helen Macpherson (Partner, Sydney) examines three key factors to always keep top of mind when considering the complex question of whether to seek patent or trade secret protection.

Whistleblowers and Trade Secrets
With increased regulatory scrutiny and the emergence of employee activism, companies have experienced an elevated risk of trade secret disclosure from current or former employees acting as putative whistleblowers. In this episode, Aaron Goodman (Partner, Los Angeles) discussed key factors companies should consider in balancing their trade secret interests against the protections afforded to whistleblowers, with a focus on recent whistleblower laws across the globe.

Mexico's New Trade Secrets Law
In this episode, Marina Hurtado-Cruz (Partner, Mexico City) explores key changes to Mexico's new trade secrets law under new legislation, including an expanded scope of protection for eligible subject matter and enhanced enforcement mechanisms.

Remote Work: The New Normal's Impact on Your Trade Secrets
Today's remote working environment can lead to unexpected complications when employers seek to prevent the disclosure of trade secrets or enforce restrictive covenants. Stephen Ratcliffe (Partner, London) outlines some of the key trade secrets issues that arise in remote working scenarios and provides practical tips for avoiding common pitfalls.

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Bin Xin Li is a partner with Baker McKenzie FenXun, a joint operation established by Baker McKenzie in China and FenXun Partners, which was approved by the Shanghai Justice Bureau in 2015. Li has contributed to this series.

Leticia Ribeiro, Partner, Trench Rossi Watanabe* (São Paulo), also contributed to this series.
*Trench Rossi Watanabe and Baker McKenzie have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law.

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