Business leaders know that in an increasingly connected world, the future is digital, with CEOs worldwide citing cyber risk as a chief concern. Attacks can pose a threat to finances, operations and reputation, compounded by potentially serious charges from law enforcement agencies all over the world. A rigorous approach to cybersecurity and data protection is essential to counter the malicious threats emerging and evolving in response to the relentless drumbeat of digitization. Operating in this rapidly evolving environment can be daunting, but the right partner can help you lead with confidence.


Our Services

Baker McKenzie's cybersecurity and data privacy team works with you to establish a robust framework that allows you to meet your business objectives and grow securely – in any of your target markets. We draw from our experience advising multinationals across sectors and invest the time to understand your business inside out. That deep understanding enables us to steer you quickly back to safety should you find yourself in the eye of the storm.



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Whatever your business objectives, you need the right intelligence to proceed with confidence. Acquisitions and integration can expose weaknesses in your cyber defenses as you align across different systems and platforms, and expansion to new markets demands negotiating often complex cyber and data regulatory and compliance frameworks.

Our team advises on a wide range of issues, from due diligence in the context of an acquisition or new product launch, to cross-border data transfer. Bringing together different teams within your organization, we explore potential threats up and down your supply chain and renegotiate contracts with third parties to better safeguard your interests and cyber risk.

Our global network means you'll always have a local specialist on hand to navigate any regional nuances, giving you the surety to grow your organization securely. And if your defenses are ever breached, we will be there to support and guide you through a swift and decisive response.

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Incident Response & Investigations

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In a cyberattack or a data breach, the first 48 hours are critical, with a deep focus on forensics and technological capabilities. You'll need to work with your board while simultaneously managing a wide range of teams within the organization, from risk management to IT, legal and compliance to business continuity. Externally, you will be faced with strict reporting requirements from regulatory agencies, further investigations and an expectation of transparency from the public.

Having a robust response plan – and proper training in how to implement it – will build resilience within your organization, steering you clear of common pitfalls and setting you on the road to recovery. Our team can help you put the right processes in place allowing you to respond decisively to any incident, armed with practical, real-time advice.

With expertise on the ground across the world, we take an international coordination role and triage a breach across all markets, ensuring that nothing slips between the cracks. Our extensive network of current and former government and regulatory contacts, both inside and outside the firm, will ensure you have 360° advice. And we'll look ahead to foresee any challenges that may follow on from the original incident.

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Following a cyber or data security breach, you may need to take further offensive or defensive action. Whether you're seeking to secure funds through recovery in litigation or defending a claim or consumer class action, Baker McKenzie's global litigation force is on hand to advise.

We'll mitigate the implications of a breach and manage any ongoing litigation protecting your interests and maintaining your reputation. Bringing the right perspectives to bear, we leverage our extensive network of regulatory agency contacts to minimize your exposure worldwide. 

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Why Baker McKenzie?

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At Baker McKenzie, we're working with organizations, governments and regulators around the globe to prevent cybercrime. We believe that the public and private sector must work together to share cyber threat intelligence, prepare their defenses and collaborate in response to any attack.


Our team is made up of leading voices in the cybersecurity and data privacy field, including the former Manhattan District Attorney, as well as the former UK Information Commissioner. And we have experts on the ground in markets worldwide ready to offer pragmatic, risk-based advice.


We believe that we are stronger together. That's why we're passionate about working in partnership across public and private organizations to build a secure digital future. We protect businesses and their shareholders – as well as the wider communities in which we live and work.

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