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Protecting and Utilizing Your Data in the Life Sciences Ecosystem

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Life sciences companies continue to face a myriad of requirements to ensure compliance with a highly regulated industry environment. As businesses innovate in a digital and data-driven world, the interplay between health and data regulations is becoming increasingly complex and challenging.

Explore Data PULSE, a platform that helps you to navigate the complex landscape of data, regulatory and IP protection concerns throughout various stages of the medical product life cycle.

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 Chambers Life Sciences Practice Guide 2022    Life Sciences Collaborations
 Chambers Life Sciences Guide 2022    Life Sciences Collaborations
 Offers commentary on legal and business issues in major healthcare and life sciences markets    Issues to consider in executing life sciences collaborations in the COVID-19 era

Guide to IPOs for Biotech and Pharma Companies


Global Guide to Patent Linkage

Guide to IPOs Biotech 2023
  Global Guide to Patent Linkage

An overview of the key considerations at each stage of the IPO process


Legal regimes covering patent linkage doctrines and enforcement options for drug patent rights holders


Global Medical Cannabis Survey   Telemedicine and Telehealth Legal Framework Overview
Global Cannabis Dashboard
  Telemedicine survey

An interactive global dashboard on the import and export rules in over 100 markets. Please contact Lilli Meldrum to request access.


Addresses recent developments and future outlook across telemedicine and telehealth, providing guidance on drug distribution and e-pharma

Interacting with Healthcare Professionals
  Promoting Medical Products Globally
Interacting with Healthcare Professionals
  Promoting Medical Products Globally

Regulations and traditional practices governing interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs)


Regulations covering ethical business interactions between medical companies and healthcare professionals

Brexit: Key Implications for the Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector
  Healthcare MapApp 3.0

Key areas in the healthcare and life sciences sector impacted by the UK's new trading relationship with EU


Access real-time information on the laws and regulations in more than 50 countries

Clinical Trials Handbook
  COVID-19: A Global Review of Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Issues
Clinical Trials
  Covid-19 Global Review of Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Issues

Legal framework governing clinical trials of medicinal products in 34 jurisdictions

  A comparative tool that answers questions on market access, clinical trials, IP risks and telemedicine

UAE: Health Data Law
 UAE Health Data Law    

Lists the permitted exceptions and conditions to the data transfer restrictions




Healthcare & Life Sciences Supply Chain Series

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Laptop showing healthcare and Life Sciences webinar 

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3R Podcast Series

Episode 10: The Acceleration of Innovation in Healthcare: The Rise of Digital Health Services

Discusses the roles of the government and corporates in fostering innovation in healthcare

TMT Talk

Episode 9: Digital Transformation: Analysis Using the SMART Framework

Insights on technology hot topics such as healthtech

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Managing the Healthcare & Life Sciences Supply Chain
Learn more about the important considerations at each stage of the supply chain life cycle for healthcare and life sciences companies, including issues which may arise in the areas of M&A, tax, compliance, trade secrets, digital transformation and ESG.

Sustainability Solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries
Identifies the key areas driving the shift in sustainability priorities in the sector 

Showcases our multidisciplinary offerings to support clients entering, maintaining and expanding their operations within this fast-growing industry

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