Baker McKenzie and the Financial Times co-created a multimedia series, the FT Due Diligence, to explore new trends shaping transactions and how to unlock value. In this series, Baker McKenzie lawyers are joined by industry thought leaders to discuss the key developments and issues shaping the future of global transactions.


Add-on Acquisitions: Forging a Way for M&A

High interest rates and the reduced availability of bank debt has made add-on acquisitions an attractive alternative for portfolio managers to continue to build growth through M&A. In this episode, Baker McKenzie partner Justin Hutchinson explains why add-on acquisitions are an attractive option and the framework needed to close a deal.

Guest: Justin Hutchinson (Partner, Private Equity and Funds, London)


How Green Energy Is Powering Renewable M&A

The switch to green energy is powering investment in the renewable energy sector, driven by strong valuations, ESG concerns and subsidy packages. In this episode, Baker McKenzie's José Antonio Morán is joined by João Costeira, Executive Managing Director of Low Carbon Generation, Repsol, to discuss the returns and regulations driving up deal activity, highlight what companies sizing up deals need to know and flag some of the legal issues buyers need to consider before making an investment.

Guests: José Antonio Morán (Partner and Chair of the Energy, Mining & Infrastructure Practice Group in North America, Chicago) and João Costeira (EMD of Low Carbon Generation and Member of the Executive Committee, Repsol)


Is Regulation Making M&A Harder?

In this video on the rise of merger controls, Baker McKenzie partner Fiona Carlin and Subesh Williams, SVP Global Corporate Development at GSK, discuss how multinationals corporations and private equity firms can navigate the complex regulatory landscape to ensure M&A deals are successful.

Guests: Fiona Carlin (Partner and Head of the EU Competition & Regulatory Affairs practice, Brussels) and Subesh Williams (SVP Global Corporate Development, GSK)


The 2023 Tech M&A Outlook

In the new video, Baker McKenzie partner Leif King alongside Ted Smith, President of Union Square Advisors, share their insights on how financial headwinds and expensive debt are shaping M&A activity in the technology sector; what buyers are focusing on; and what’s ahead for private dealmakers in 2023.

Guests: Leif King (Partner and Head of M&A California, Palo Alto), Ted Smith (President, Union Square Advisors)



The Rise of M&A in the Gaming Industry

In this episode on the rise of M&A in the video gaming industry, Baker McKenzie partner Tracy Wut and Anna Orlander, Head of Legal M&A at Embracer Group, discuss the changing regulatory environment, key considerations acquiring companies need to bear in mind and the necessary preparations to undertake to ensure a successful deal.

Guests: Tracy Wut (Head of Baker McKenzie's Hong Kong SAR & China M&A Group, Hong Kong), Anna Orlander (Head of Legal M&A, Embracer Group)



Digital Assets: Everything You Need to Know Before Acquiring

In light of the recent surge in digital asset M&A, Lawrence C. Lee and Sze Shing Tan are joined by Rajeev Singh, CEO at Accolade, Joe Oliveri, CEO at CTSI and Nathan Brown, Managing Director at Wind Point Partners, to discuss crucial considerations and the pitfalls to avoid. How do tech acquisitions differ from other deals? How do you choose your targets? And what are the guests’ biggest tips?

Guests: Lawrence C. Lee (Partner, Palo Alto), Sze Shing Tan (Principal, Singapore), Rajeev Singh (CEO, Accolade), Joe Oliveri (CEO, CTSI) and Nathan Brown (Managing Director, Wind Point Partners)

The Healthtech Sector’s Spectacular Surge in SPACs and de-SPACS

Baker McKenzie partner Derek Liu alongside Michael Meyers, Vice Chairman, Head of M&A and Strategic Advisory Services at H.C. Wainwright & Co, discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a significant rise in SPAC investments in the healthtech sector. While SPACs offer opportunities for healthtech companies, the road to a de-SPAC process can be complex and perilous.

Guests: Derek Liu (Partner, San Francisco), Michael Meyers (Vice Chairman, Head of M&A and Strategic Advisory Services, H.C. Wainwright & Co.)



The Rise of Private Equity in the Complex Carve-out

With businesses reassessing strategy more than ever before, private equity companies are profiting from the resulting growth in complex carve-outs. Baker McKenzie partners Jannan Crozier and David Allen are joined by Matthew Nord, Co-Lead Partner of Private Equity at Apollo to discuss how the financial turbulence of the past year has prompted corporates to assess strategy with a greater emphasis on core operations.

Guests: Jannan Crozier (Chair of Baker McKenzie’s Global M&A group, London), David Allen (Head of Corporate, London), Matthew Nord (Co-Lead Partner of Private Equity, Apollo)

ESG and the Rise of Sustainable Dealmaking

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations have become an increasingly integral part of decision making for investors and companies. Baker McKenzie partners Alyssa Auberger and Robert Wright are joined by Avinash Mehrotra, global head of Activism and Shareholder Advisory & Takeover Defense Practices at Goldman Sachs, to reveal how the rise of ESG considerations are affecting global dealmaking and influencing the way acquirers view and select targets.

Guests: Alyssa Auberger (Chief Sustainability Officer), Robert Wright (Partner, Hong Kong), Avinash Mehrotra (Global Head of Activism and Shareholder Advisory & Takeover Defense Practices, Goldman Sachs)

Can Cross-Border Transactions Fuel Growth in a Post-COVID World?

Cross-border transactions have picked up pace in the wake of COVID-19, driving focus on strategy for growth. Baker McKenzie partners Brian Chia and Jannan Crozier, together with Laurent Bouvier, managing director at UBS Investment Bank, share how companies are using cross-border transactions as a valuable tool for accessing new markets and adapting to the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19-related disruptions.

Guests: Brian Chia (Partner, Kuala Lumpur), Jannan Crozier (Chair of Baker McKenzie’s Global M&A group, London), Laurent Bouvier (Managing Director, UBS Investment Bank)

M&A as a Driver of Digital Transformation: The Legal Dimension

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation, with tech M&A gathering particular momentum. Baker McKenzie partners Lisa Fontenot and Michelle Blunt are joined by Reshma Sohoni, co-founder and partner of Seedcamp, to discuss the unique legal considerations arise when dealing with tech transactions.

Guests: Lisa Fontenot (Partner, Palo Alto), Michelle Blunt (Partner, London), Reshma Sohoni (Co-founder and Partner, Seedcamp)

M&A in the Wake of COVID-19: Strategies for a Healthy Business

Amid current economic landscape, companies are regularly conducting financial health checks. Baker McKenzie partners Ai Ai Wong and Nick Bryans, alongside Christophe Francoise, senior partner at McKinsey & Company, discuss the importance of evaluating business strategies in light of the pandemic and the transformational potential of M&A.

Guests: Ai Ai Wong (Partner, Singapore), Nick Bryans (Partner, London), Christophe Francoise (Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company)

Is ESG Prompting the End of Shareholder Primacy?

Looking at the investment landscape today, 90% of the decision makers in M&A processes as investors are looking at ESG issues, which demonstrates a clear appetite to acquire businesses that already have strong ESG credentials. Baker McKenzie partners Beatriz Araujo and Nikolaus Reinhuber together with Halla Tómasdóttir, CEO at The B Team, address the pressure to integrate ESG factors into corporate culture and what it could mean for big business.

Guests: Beatriz Araujo (Partner, London), Nikolaus Reinhuber (Partner, Frankfurt), Halla Tómasdóttir (CEO, The B Team)


Why Technology is the Biggest Disruptor of Traditional M&A?

Technology is transforming the business world in a revolutionary way, and traditional sectors such as industrials and manufacturing are no exception, as they need to evolve by adopting the latest technologies. Baker McKenzie partners Jannan Crozier and Hideo Norikoshi together with Mark Bulanda, Senior Vice President of Planning and Development for Emerson, discuss how the impact of technology has altered the way these companies operate.

Guests: Jannan Crozier (Chair of Baker McKenzie’s Global M&A group, London), Hideo Norikoshi (Partner, Tokyo), Mark Bulanda (Senior Vice President, Planning and Development, Emerson)


Why Healthtech Gets our Pulses Racing?

Increasing pressure on healthcare systems, massive tech growth and consumer-led demand are the perfect recipe for strong M&A activity in the emerging healthtech sector. Baker McKenzie partners Alan Zoccolillo and Jane Hobson share the opportunities as well as the whole host of new environmental and regulatory issues in the sector.

Guests: Alan Zoccolillo (Partner, New York), Jane Hobson (Partner, London)

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