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Listen on-demand to our Focus on Trade Secrets video discussion hosted regularly by our North America Trade Secrets Practice. During each discussion, our attorneys cover hot topics, trends and legal developments in the trade secrets area, both from a domestic and international perspective, addressing issues and offering practical tips and best practices that will help you identify, protect, prosecute and defend your trade secrets.

  Episode 23: Protecting Against, and Responding to, AI "Deepfakes"
Presenters: Bradford NewmanElizabeth Roper and David Zaslowsky
  Episode 22: 5 Key Considerations in Protecting Trade Secrets While Employing AI Tools
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jessica Nall and Jonathan Tam
  Episode 21: Recent Delaware Non-Compete Ruling - What You Need to Know
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Michael Brewer, William Dugan and Emily Brait
  Episode 20 (November 2022): No-Poach Agreements: Latest Antitrust Updates and Considerations
Presenters: Bradford NewmanJeffrey MartinoAshley Eickhof and Lily Duong
  Episode 19 (September 2022): Pros and Cons of Referring a Trade Secrets Matter to Law Enforcement
Presenters: Bradford NewmanJessica Nall and Elizabeth Roper
  Episode 18 (May 12): Not All Secrets Are Trade Secrets: Lessons Learned from the Elizabeth Holmes Unsuccessful "Trade Secret" Fraud Defense
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Kelton Basirico and Sara Pitt
  Episode 17 (February 11): Discovery in Trade Secrets Cases - Part III
Presenters: Bradford NewmanMichael Brewer and Mark Goodman
  Episode 16 (January 24): The Intersection of Copyright and Trademarks
Presenters: Marisa Bakker, Bradford Newman, Jennifer Semko and Richard Wells
  Episode 15 (December 10): Detecting Trade Secret Theft in the Marketplace
Presenters: Alexander Burch, Desirée Hunter-Reay, Nicholas Kennedy and Bradford Newman
  Episode 14 (October 1): Trade Secrets in Tech Transactions
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Marcela Robledo and Christine Streatfeild
  Episode 13 (September 23): When Trade Secrets Thieves Are Whistleblowers
Presenters: Amy Greer, Jessica Nall and Bradford Newman
  Episode 12 (August 24): Protecting Trade Secrets in an Era of Pro-Competitive Government Enforcement
Presenters: Mark Goodman, Jeffrey Martino, Jessica Nall and Bradford Newman
  Episode 11 (June 7): The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Post-Van Buren
Presenters: Bradford Newman
  Episode 10 (May 18): Discovery in Trade Secrets Cases - Part II
Presenters: Bradford NewmanMichael Brewer and Mark Goodman
  Episode 9 (March 20): When to Patent and When to Maintain as Trade Secret
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Kevin O'Brien and Sara Pitt
  Episode 8 (March 12): Avoiding the Entity List: Rise of Trade Secrets Enforcement Risk through US Export Controls
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Alexandre Lamy, Jessica Nall and Christine Streatfeild
  Episode 7 (March 5): Discovery in Trade Secrets Cases
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Michael Brewer and Mark Goodman
  Episode 6 (January 8): Key Considerations in Parallel Criminal and Civil Trade Secrets Cases
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jessica Nall and Christine Streatfeild
  Episode 5 (November 6): Snap Removal in Trade Secret Cases
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Allen Al-Haj and Mark Ratway
  Episode 4 (October 14): Does Inclusion of 'Ideas' and
'Know-how' in Confidential Information and
Invention Assignment Agreements Constitute
an Unenforceable Non-compete under California Law?

Presenters: Bradford Newman, Anne Kelts Assayag and Colton Long

Episode 3 (September 11): DOJ's China Initiative
Insights on Trade Secrets Criminal Liability

Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jessica Nall, Christine Streatfeild and Katelyn Sprague 


Episode 2 (August 6): Employee Non-Solicitation Clauses
in California: Quickly Clearing up the Confusion

Presenters: Bradford Newman, Michael Brewer and Mark Taylor 

 . Episode 1 (July 6): Using Ex Parte Seizure Orders to
Protect Trade Secrets

Presenters: Kevin O'Brien and Jennifer Semko

Listen on-demand to our monthly Trade Secrets webinar series. This hour-long presentation, led by members of our North America Trade Secrets Practice and featuring other subject-matter experts, offers specific guidance to assist companies as they continue to navigate through complex and ever-evolving data protection issues.



March 2021:My Company Possesses Stolen Trade Secrets. What Now?
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jessica Nall, Jennifer Semko, Brett Harrison, Sr. (Managing Director of Technology at FTI Consulting)
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October 2020: When Trade Secret Theft Is a Crime
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jessica Nall, Katie Wawrzyniak (U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District of California), Special Agent Adelaida Hernandez (Federal Bureau of Investigation) 


September 2020: How to Protect Trade Secrets Through Optimized Licensing Agreements
Presenters: Kevin O'Brien, Christine Streatfeild, Anne Kelts Assayag
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June 2020: Filling Data Protection Gaps in the New Working Environment
Presenters: William Dugan, John Murphy, Donna Williams
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May 2020: Protecting Trade Secrets in the Rapid Remote World: 10 Specific Steps to Take Now
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jennifer Semko, Christine Streatfeild
Password: 7f*973Al 

New Risks as COVID-19 Forces Rapid Technology Adoption
Corporate Compliance Insights, January 21, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has created urgency for organizations to ramp up digital adoption, but as they pivot entire service lines, digitalize operations and automate processes, they create unintended compliance risks. Baker McKenzie partner Jessica Nall explains.

Using AI to Make Hiring Decisions? Prepare for EEOC Scrutiny
Bloomberg Law, January 15, 2021
Ten senators have written to the EEOC asking it to use its power to investigate and take enforcement action against vendors who create — and companies that utilize — discriminatory hiring algorithms. Baker McKenzie partner Bradford Newman explains what steps companies should take to prepare.

Nine Steps Cannabis Companies Can Take to Protect Trade Secrets
Bloomberg Law, December 15, 2020
Given less uncertainty about federal-level protections in the cannabis industry, cannabis companies should home in on protecting their trade secrets. Baker McKenzie attorneys Christine Streatfeild, William Dugan and Colton Long offer nine steps to protect intellectual property assets and preserve or enhance enterprise value.

5 Steps Every Company Should Take to Avoid Data Theft Risk
Dark Reading, November 12, 2020
The accelerated shift to remote workforces resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has exasperated the challenge of protecting corporate data and intellectual capital. It has never been easier for employees to compromise their employers' systems. Absent protocols designed for remote workforces, many companies are scrambling to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their property and IP. Bradford Newman outlines steps to mitigate the risk of data theft.

Societal Upheaval during the COVID-19 Pandemic Underscores Need for New AI Data Regulations
Tech Crunch, July 10, 2020
As a long-time proponent of AI regulation that is designed to protect public health and safety while also promoting innovation, Bradford Newman expresses his belief that Congress must not delay in enacting, on a bipartisan basis, Section 102(b) of The Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act. Newman proposed this legislation, which is now a House of Representatives Discussion Draft Bill. In this article, he outlines how guardrails in the form of Section 102(b)’s ethical AI legislation are necessary to maintain the dignity of the individual.

Bradford Newman, Chair of North America Trade Secrets Practice – Interview Series
Unite.AI, June 5, 2020
Bradford Newman specializes in matters related to trade secrets and artificial intelligence. He is the chair of the AI Subcommittee of the ABA. Recognized by the Daily Journal in 2019 as one of the Top 20 AI attorneys in California, Bradford has been instrumental in proposing federal AI workplace and IP legislation that in 2018 was turned into a United States House of Representatives Discussion Draft bill. He has also developed AI oversight and corporate governance best practices designed to ensure algorithmic fairness.

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