Baker McKenzie’s North America Trade Secrets Practice is a true cross-disciplinary team of industry ranked and recognized intellectual property, employment, tech transaction, litigation and trial attorneys exclusively dedicated to helping clients identify, protect, prosecute and defend their most valuable, complex and market-differentiating trade secrets throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and globally.

Listen on-demand to our Focus on Trade Secrets video discussion hosted regularly by our North America Trade Secrets Practice. During each discussion, our attorneys cover hot topics, trends and legal developments in the trade secrets area, both from a domestic and international perspective, addressing issues and offering practical tips and best practices that will help you identify, protect, prosecute and defend your trade secrets.

 Recording   Episode 6 (January 8): Key considerations in parallel criminal and civil trade secrets cases
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jessica Nall, Christine Streatfeild
 Recording   Episode 5 (November 6): Snap Removal in Trade Secret Cases
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Allen Al-Haj, Mark Ratway
 Recording   Episode 4 (October 14): Does Inclusion of 'Ideas' and
'Know-how' in Confidential Information and
Invention Assignment Agreements Constitute
an Unenforceable Non-compete under California Law?

Presenters: Bradford Newman, Anne Kelts Assayag and Colton Long
Recording  .

Episode 3 (September 11): DOJ's China Initiative
Insights on Trade Secrets Criminal Liability

Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jessica Nall, Christine Streatfeild and Katelyn Sprague 

Recording  .

Episode 2 (August 6): Employee Non-Solicitation Clauses
in California: Quickly Clearing up the Confusion

Presenters: Bradford Newman, Michael Brewer and Mark Taylor 

Recording  . Episode 1 (July 6): Using Ex Parte Seizure Orders to
Protect Trade Secrets

Presenters: Kevin O'Brien and Jennifer Semko

Listen on-demand to our monthly Trade Secrets webinar series. This hour-long presentation, led by members of our North America Trade Secrets Practice and featuring other subject-matter experts, offers specific guidance to assist companies as they continue to navigate through complex and ever-evolving data protection issues.

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September 2020: How to Protect Trade Secrets Through Optimized Licensing Agreements
Presenters: Kevin O'BrienChristine Streatfeild, Anne Kelts Assayag
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June 2020: Filling Data Protection Gaps in the New Working Environment
Presenters: William Dugan, John Murphy, Donna Williams
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May 2020: Protecting Trade Secrets in the Rapid Remote World: 10 Specific Steps to Take Now
Presenters: Bradford Newman, Jennifer Semko, Christine Streatfeild
Password: 7f*973Al 

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