The webinar series focuses on the trends, issues and opportunities along each stage of supply chain life cycle for healthcare and life sciences companies.

Recordings of our recent webinars are available below.

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We will be holding another session on sustainability in the healthcare and life sciences supply chain.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences Supply Chain

Integrating the healthcare & life sciences supply chain

Speakers: Cecilia Pastor (Madrid), Kerry Contini (Washington, DC), Nina Niejahr (Brussels), Mattias Hedwall (Stockholm), Adriana Ibarra-Fernandez (Mexico City), Anne Petterd (Sydney)

A helicopter view of each stage of the healthcare & life sciences supply chain lifecycle and an overview of the trends that businesses in the sector should consider in 2021 and beyond, including sustainability, digitalization and increased public funding.

Creating value through healthcare & life sciences M&A: A supply chain reaction

Speakers: Melanie Howard (London), Phelim O'Doherty (London), Duffy Lorenz (Chicago), Derek Poon (Hong Kong)

A look at the challenges and opportunities for supply chain transformation via M&A in the healthcare and life sciences space as well as how to create value in an uncertain transactional market.

Keeping supply chain risks at bay: A healthcare & life sciences view

Speakers: Alexey Trusov (Moscow), Tristan Grimmer (London), Alex Lamy (Washington, DC)

Explores the compliance challenges and risks facing the healthcare and life sciences supply chain, which are being driven by digital transformation and the global health crisis.

Tax-ready supply chain management for healthcare & life sciences companies

Speakers: Russ Young (Chicago), Holly Glenn (Washington, DC), Jan-Willem Gerritsen (Amsterdam), Rafic Barrage (Washington, DC)

An analysis of the tax implications that may arise as healthcare and life sciences companies reevaluate their supply chains, as well as strategic considerations when exploring alternatives to sourcing, manufacturing and other topics.

Are your trade secrets protected? Handling trade secrets in your global supply chain ecosystem

Speakers: Kevin O'Brien (Washington, DC), Koen De Winter (Antwerp), Cristina Duch (Barcelona), Binxin Li (FenXun Partners, Shanghai), Kei Matsumoto (Tokyo) and Kamleh Nicola (Toronto)

A look at the issues arising from data protection, R&D, advertising and promotions and handling trade secrets owned by third parties, as well as how healthcare and life sciences companies can limit their exposure. 

The Digital Frontier: Legal red flags in the healthcare and life sciences supply chain

Speakers: Jaspreet Takhar (London), Bradford Newman (Palo Alto), Stephen Reynolds (Chicago)

A deep dive on the business issues, practical applications and legal considerations when digitizing the supply chain, covering topics such as blockchain, AI and trade secrets, and the cybersecurity challenges of digital transformation.


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