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Our Data PULSE platform helps you navigate the complex landscape of data, regulatory and IP protection concerns at each stage of the medical product life cycle.
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We specialize in advising on digital health products and initiatives on a local, regional and global scale.

Our team of lawyers spans across geographies and specialisms, including healthcare regulation, technology, public procurement, intellectual property, investigations, compliance and ethics, data privacy and M&A. Our global network of lawyers includes 800+ life sciences lawyers, 150+ data privacy lawyers and 450+ IP and technology lawyers. We leverage this network to bring you holistic, practical advice on complex issues at the intersection of healthcare, data and tech.

We have a rich track record of partnering with organizations across the digital health ecosystem, including medtechs, pharmaceuticals, startups, biotechs, data science companies, and venture capital and private equity firms. For more information, please reach out to the key contacts listed on this page. 

  • Real-world data/evidence: Advising clients on all aspects of patient registries, from accessing datasets to commercialization of registries. We specialize in medical dataset licensing, including from government bodies, and academic and medical institutions.
  • Telehealth: Supporting clients on rolling out telehealth solutions on a local, regional and global scale, including doctor-on-demand apps, remotely controlled medical devices and cross-border provision of telemedicine services (including provision to hospitals, clinical trial participants and directly to patients).
  • Innovation in clinical trials: Advising CROs, tech providers and sponsors on all aspects of implementing of decentralized clinical trials across the globe, including in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Advising on acquiring and implementing technology solutions in clinical trials, from patient recruitment software to clinical trial management tools.
  • Medical devices, apps and wearables: Developing strategies with clients to bring innovative products to market, including device classification and implementing "guard rails" to ensure a product is not regulated as a device. Advising on clinical evaluation, regulatory approvals, advertising and promotion rules, and pricing and reimbursement.
  • AI and machine learning: Supporting some of the pioneers in AI on the full life cycle of AI as a medical device, from initially licensing in datasets to train an algorithm, to supply to hospitals. We have worked side by side with innovators to bring AI and machine learning products from the ideation stage to market.
  • Patient data: Advising clients on building and maintaining regional and global data privacy compliance programs centered on the regulation of health data. Advising on all aspects of health data regulation, from data privacy laws to local laws on medical confidentiality and the healthcare regulatory framework.

Asia Pacific DealSCAPE


Connected Compliance

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Explores the defining characteristics of pharmaceutical and biotech transactions in 2022 and introduces a framework to understand legal complexity in a fast evolving sector and at a uniquely opportunistic time.


Explores the role of technology as a driver of compliance integration and business growth. Features a Country and Sector Data Report, which provides an overview of the trajectory of tech adoption, planned investment and barriers to reaping the benefits of connected compliance in various industries, including healthcare and life sciences.



The Digital Frontier: Legal Red Flags in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Supply Chain
The sixth webinar in our Supply Chain Series, the session presents a deep dive on business issues, practical applications and legal considerations when digitizing the supply chain, covering topics such as blockchain, AI and trade secrets, and the cybersecurity challenges of digital transformation.

Tech Talk Silicon Valley 2021: HealthTech – Key Trends 
Discussed topics such as risk management, including how regulation can dovetail with monetization of healthtech transactions and activities.

Tech Talk Latin America 2021: The Impact of the Global Geopolitical Climate on the Protection and Enforcement of Trade Secrets in the TMT and Healthcare Industry in LatAm
Shared insights on the factors driving trade secrets and proprietary information at the cross-section of the technology and health, as well as the impact of the geopolitical climate.

Reshaping the Healthcare Sector Through M&A
Webinar in conjunction with Financial Times, which brings together healthcare corporations, technology companies, and financial investors to explore the ways in which M&A will reshape the sector and fast-track innovation.