The speed and volume of change in the crypto asset markets has accelerated across the globe, with established financial institutions increasingly entering the sector whilst regulators look to keep pace. Recent high-profile developments and market volatility have led to growing calls for scrutiny and regulatory controls. Navigating this fast paced environment, within a sometimes disjointed regulatory framework, can be challenging.

This virtual seminar series provides insights on how the regulatory landscape is changing and the future of crypto within the financial services sector.

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Please note: the high-level guidance provided in these sessions is not intended to be comprehensive legal advice.



Crypto Boot Camp 2022 Glossary

To accompany this series we have developed an A-Z of blockchain and crypto jargon.

Crypto Bootcamp Glossary


Crypto Primer

A primer on the basics of crypto, including how we got to where we are, how crypto works, use cases and types of cryptoasset, key infrastructure and related considerations

Speakers: Sue McLeanSam Kramer, Roger van de Berg





The Crypto Ecosystem

This training session explains the main crypto legal structures and the participants in the crypto ecosystem, including exchanges, wallets and custodians.

Speakers: Mark Simpson; Steffi Illegems; Subatra ThiruchittampalamSarah Williams






Integrating Crypto into Established Financial Services
Part 1: Funds and Listings

This panel explores fund structuring and the challenges for conventional funds investing in crypto assets, including a discussion on crypto as part of wealth management and the rise of tokenised bonds.

Speakers: Bill Fuggle; Joy Lam; Stephanie MagnusCatherine MartouginAnsgar Schott






Integrating Crypto into Established Financial Services
Part 2: Practical Considerations

This panel covers practical issues such as settlement in crypto, compliance with safeguarding/custody and outsourcing requirements, the territoriality of offerings, and regulatory warnings to consumers.

Speakers: Karen Man; Melody HoayShemira JeevaratnamSubatra Thiruchittampalam






Crypto Risk: Significant Legal and Regulatory Risks

This panel reviews different key areas of risk in the sector, including financial crime, litigation and regulatory enforcement, sanctions issues, tax compliance and cyber security.

Speakers: Philip AnnettScott FrewingAlex Lamy; Aiden O'Leary; Sarah Williams






A Deep Dive into NFTs

This panel looks at the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in gaming, digital arts and more and the interrelationship with financial services regulation.

Speakers: Manuel LorenzSue McLeanAshlin Perumall; Kullarat Phongsathaporn; Kevin Yuan; Olivier Van den broeke







What is 'DeFi' (decentralised finance)? This panel reviews the interrelationship with financial services regulation and understanding DeFi staking.

Speakers: Iris BarsanPaula De BiaseAlfonso Martinez-BejaranoTaylor Reid; Aiden O'Leary






Growth in Crypto: Capital Raising, M&A and Scale Up

Our last panel looks at issues in crypto business growth, including scale ups, crypto-driven M&A, financing, risk and restructuring.

Speakers: Debra Dandeneau; Haden Henderson; Ashlin PerumallMark Simpson






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