Finding Balance
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Finding Balance: The Post-COVID Landscape for Financial Institutions

This series of briefings seeks to map the post-pandemic environment that financial institutions need to navigate as we move to the new normal.
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The financial services industry is undergoing sweeping changes driven by regulatory developments, rapidly advancing technology and continued consolidation in the sector. The far-reaching impact of financial reforms, intricacies in their implementation, and conflicting regulations in different jurisdictions can expose businesses to unforeseen risk.

Our global team provides financial institutions guidance on navigating through regulatory complexities in both established and emerging markets. Our lawyers have long-standing relationships with financial services regulators, and are experienced in helping financial institutions deliver financial services efficiently and cost-effectively in a compliant manner.

From set-up and structuring, new business and product offerings, operational support as well as representation in non-contentious and contentious matters, we apply our industry knowledge and regulatory expertise to deliver result-oriented and compliant solutions for all types of financial institutions including banks, insurance companies, payments companies, securities firms and asset managers.

Through the collective knowledge and experience of more than 500 banking and finance lawyers in Baker McKenzie’s global network we have developed our Global Financial Services Regulatory Guide that provides a comprehensive summary of regulations applicable to banks and other financial services companies around the world. The Guide is your first port of call when launching financial products into new markets and will help you navigate these complex waters.


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