International trade matters call for coordinated tax and legal services, and increased trade regulation underscores the importance of implementing compliance plans to avoid stiff penalties. With markets in constant flux and tax laws rapidly evolving, companies need advisers who can provide local insight and global perspective on customs taxation issues everywhere they operate.

Our Global Customs team works with colleagues across borders and practice areas to advise multinational companies on customs and trade regulation, tax compliance, commercial agreements, trade-related enforcement actions, IP enforcement, consumer protection laws, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other anti-corruption laws.

To help simplify complexity and avoid enforcement actions, our customs lawyers execute compliance plans, prepare WTO-consistent policies and business strategies, perform compliance audits, conduct compliance and ethics training, and guide clients through investigations and prosecutions.

We also represent clients in disputes brought before the Court of International Trade and other international fair trade bodies. We assist in resolving customs litigation, particularly with regard to clarification of and compliance with applicable tariffs and duties.