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US vs EU in the Battle for Clean Hydrogen Investment (19 April 2023)
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Clean hydrogen plays a critical role in net zero strategies of the world's leading economies. The US and the EU have already taken significant steps to position themselves at the forefront of the global race to net zero by launching state support packages on an unprecedented scale. Both packages include measures aimed at establishing commercial demand, increasing the scale of deployment, reducing costs and stimulating investment into clean hydrogen. But how exactly do they work and compare? In this webinar, our experts come together for a compare and contrast discussion of the US Inflation Reduction Act and the Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net-Zero Age with a focus on hydrogen.

EMEA EMI Talks (4 July 2022)
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Amidst a shift to a low-carbon economy, the EU Taxonomy is a mechanism aiming to accelerate the European energy transition. In our new podcast, EMEA EMI Talks, Andy Moody (Partner, London; Head of Disputes and Chair, EMEA Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Group) and William-James Kettlewell (Associate, Brussels; Member of the Baker McKenzie Energy Transition Group) explore the impact of the EU Taxonomy mechanism on businesses that are active in the energy and renewables sectors, as well as risks and opportunities in the energy, mining and infrastructure sector in EMEA.

The New Global Energy Landscape (25 May 2022)
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The ongoing shift in the Global Energy landscape has been accelerated by the firm commitment of many governments around the globe to decarbonise and achieve net zero, as well as, most recently, very significant geo-political developments. A number of new energy strategies have been launched by governments around the Globe (most notably, in the EU, UK and USA) as well as new regulatory frameworks put into place to enable these strategies. This webinar discusses these ground-breaking policy changes and regulatory developments.

Financing the Energy Transition: Global Trends in Renewables (7 April 2022)
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Renewable energy, which includes wind, solar and other renewables, achieved a new investment record of USD 366 billion committed in 2021 - and investments are expected to grow exponentially. Given current energy transition needs and a reshaping of policy going forward, financing is a key to achieving investment milestones and project development goals. In this webinar, our energy and financing practitioners discuss the options, trends and considerations to help bring clarity as project sponsors, lenders and investors move forward with their energy transition strategy.

Hydrogen: From Talk to Walk - Key Issues and Pioneer Projects (15 February 2022)
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Hydrogen continues to gain momentum with a number of countries accelerating hydrogen policy developments and scaling up production capabilities. With this comes a rise in pioneer hydrogen projects across the globe seeking to build up supply chains and reduce costs. It is clear that hydrogen will remain an essential component of the energy transition and that it will be play a leading role in the race to decarbonization. In this webinar, our industry-focused practitioners discuss the potential of adapting and developing existing market structures and models to the new hydrogen market, as well as key issues emerging from pioneer hydrogen projects.

Carbon Capture and Storage: From Policy to Project Implementation and Its Role in the Energy Transition (15 July 2021)
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Carbon capture and storage technology affords opportunities to substantially reduce the impact of plentiful yet environmentally damaging fossil fuels during the transition into a low-carbon economy. Carbon capture, transport, storage and long-term management raise unique challenges for policymakers, legislators and project proponents alike.

Join our market-leading professionals and guest speaker Ian Havercroft, Principal Consultant - Policy, Legal and Regulatory at the Global CCS Institute, to learn about:

  • Carbon capture storage and its significance in the energy transition
  • Current legal and regulatory landscape across key jurisdictions
  • Key risks and structural issues and how are they addressed in major markets

The New EU Taxonomy's Impact on the Energy Sector (18 May 2021)
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The EU taxonomy will impact both access to finance and the perception of companies and investors as 'green' or not. Find out how this new piece of legislation determines whether an economic activity is deemed as "sustainable" and how it specifically applies (or not) to the production of renewable energy, hydrogen and CCS, among others. This webinar explores:

  • Why is the EU taxonomy important? (00:00 - 05:26 mins)
  • What are the practical obligations associated with the EU taxonomy? (05:27 - 16:45 mins)
  • How does the EU Taxonomy work? (16:45 - 26:58 mins)
  • How does the EU Taxonomy apply to the energy sector? (26:59 mins onwards)

What Will the Future of Energy Look Like in the US Under a Biden Administration? (16 December 2020)
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Baker McKenzie’s Energy and Environmental Groups held a webinar to examine what is in store for the energy sector under a Biden Administration and his ambitious plan for a "Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice." The panel spoke on the potential impacts of the Biden Administration's immediate and long-term actions on both the conventional and renewable energy sector, as companies seek transformation and diversification in their portfolios and market offerings. The team also discussed expected climate change regulatory initiatives and expanded ESG reporting and disclosure efforts likely to affect the direction and pace of the US energy transition.

Opportunities and Challenges in New Markets for Offshore Wind (6 October 2020)
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Global offshore wind capacity reached 29GW in 2019, a tenfold increase since 2010. While Europe has been the focus of the offshore market, competing without subsidies and floating into deeper waters, offshore wind is rapidly expanding to new markets as technology costs decrease and profit margins for onshore projects become squeezed by tenders and fluctuating power prices. In this webinar, our practitioners discuss the risks and opportunities faced by offshore wind and the development potential in new markets. 

The Rise of Hydrogen: Policy, Practice and Projects (14 July 2020)
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The transition of the global energy sector from fossil-based fuels to zero carbon has been at the top of the agenda for many governments and market players around the globe for the past few years. In this webinar, the discussion touched upon the role of hydrogen in the context of energy transition; government support of "green" hydrogen industry; and opportunities for first movers into the new decarbonized hydrogen market. It also includes case studies of hydrogen projects we've been involved in.

Corporate Sourcing of Renewable Energy
In partnership with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Global Solar Council (GSC) and RE100, we have organized a webinar series on how corporate sourcing of renewable energy in emerging wind and solar markets is transforming energy systems around the world, focusing on the following high-impact markets:

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