Quick video chats for the Mexican workplace 

Welcome to Quick Chats for the Mexican Workplace, Baker McKenzie's Labor and Employment video chat series for Mexican employers. In each on-demand episode, our lawyers provide insights and quick, practical tips on today's most pressing issues and legal developments impacting employers operating in Mexico including COVID-19 reopening developments and other trending topics in both English and Spanish.


Nearshoring for Multinational Companies - The Employment Perspective
(May 8, 2023)

In this Quick Chat video, our Labor & Employment lawyers along with the Managing Partner for Baker McKenzie's Mexico offices discuss key nuances of the new labor subcontracting laws in Mexico, the current labor collective environment, considerations for companies operating under an IMMEX Program, and more. Listen in for practical tips to navigate this new business horizon.

Speakers: Jose Larroque, Salvador Pasquel Villegas, Martha Mayorga-Luna

*Available in English

Preparing Global Employers for a Dramatic Increase of Labor Inspections and Penalties in Mexico
(April 3, 2023, March 16, 2023)

The Mexico Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) has announced that it will carry out an estimated 42,000 inspections in 2023. The inspections carry the possibility of significant fines and penalties issued per violation, per employee. In this video our lawyers discuss what to expect from an inspection and outline the penalties for noncompliance. They also share insights from the field, discuss the potential defenses and warn against the possible registration cancelation for specialized service providers.

Speakers: Eugenia Barrutia, Jose (Pepe) Larroque, Carlos R. Martin Del Campo, JavieraMedina-RezaMarco Rojas-Ponce

*Available in English and Spanish


Employee Minimum Vacation Allotment Increases for 2023 (December 21, 2022)

In this Quick Chat video our Labor & Employment lawyers discuss the amendment to Mexican Federal Labor Law to increase the vacation allotment of employees.

Speakers: Salvador Pasquel VillagesJaviera Medina-RezaCarlos Martin del Campo

*Available in English and Spanish


The Subcontracting Reform: Inspection Trends and How to Prepare (August 10, 2022)

In this Quick Chat video, our Labor and Employment and Tax lawyers discuss some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Subcontracting Reform's 2022 Inspection Program, through which authorities from the Ministries of Labor, Social Security and Tax plan to ensure that companies providing and contracting services comply with the regulations of the Subcontracting regime.

Speakers: Ma. Rosario Lombera González, Manuel Antonio Calderón Niño, Marco Rojas-Ponce, Juan Carlos Valles Zavala

*Available in English and Spanish


PTU 2022: A Deep Dive Into Your Top Questions on Compulsory Company Profit Sharing Entitlements for Employees (May 19, 2022)

As of this May 2022, employers in Mexico are subject to new rules governing compulsory company profit sharing entitlements for employees. This comes as a result of the labor reform of 2021.

Speakers: Liliana Hernandez-Salgado, Alfonso Garcia-Lozano, Daniel Urdiain-Dector

*Available in English and Spanish


Navigating the New Rules Regarding Company Profit Sharing Payments (April 13, 2022)

In this Quick Chat video, Baker McKenzie's Labor and Employment partners share important insights on the new regulations.

Speakers: Javiera Medina-Reza, Liliana Hernandez-Salgado and Salvador Pasquel-Villegas

*Available in English and Spanish


Union Matters Outlook for 2022 - What Companies Should Expect (December 2, 2021)

In this Quick Chat video, Baker McKenzie’s Labor and Employment lawyers discuss this new normal for unions in Mexico and provide practical tips given the new requirements and current climate.

Speakers: Carlos Martin del Campo, Gabriel Ortiz-Aguilar and Martha Mayorga-Luna

*Available in English and Spanish


USMCA: The Labor and Employment Market and Rapid Response Labor Mechanisms (December 2, 2021)

In this Quick Chat video, Baker McKenzie’s Labor and Employment lawyers discuss several key aspects of the USMCA Free Trade Agreement, including the freedom of association, the recognition of the right to collective bargaining, including a discussion of workforce unions and employer compliance, the procedure for initiating a complaint under the Rapid Response Labor Mechanism and treaty trade sanctions.

Speakers: Ricardo Castro, Salvador Pasquel and Martha Mayorga-Luna

*Available in English and Spanish


Vaccination Measures for the Mexican Workplace: What Employers Need to Know Now (October 25, 2021)

In this Quick Chat video, Baker McKenzie’s Labor and Employment lawyers discuss vaccination measures in the workplace being adopted by companies operating in Mexico, including best practices for tracking proof of employee vaccinations and whether it’s acceptable to create vaccination campaigns for the workforce.

SpeakersCarlos Martin del Campo, Martha Mayorga-Luna, Marco Rojas-Ponce

*Available in English and Spanish


New Federal Guidelines for States to Follow When Issuing Regulations Regarding the Third COVID-19 Wave in Mexico (August 17, 2021)

In this Quick Chat video, Baker McKenzie’s Labor and Employment lawyers discuss the new Federal guidelines based on the stop-light color system for States to follow when issuing regulations during the third wave of COVID-19 in Mexico. We also review changes to the criteria for employees to be considered vulnerable personnel, and share six tips for employers to keep in mind when implementing preventative measures in the workplace.

SpeakersAlfonso GarcíaMaría José Casillas, Marco Rojas

*Available in English and Spanish


Outsourcing No More? Steps for Mexican Employers to Take Now in Response to the New Subcontracting Reform (May 14, 2021)

In this Quick Chat video, Baker McKenzie’s Labor and Employment and Tax lawyers analyze the impact the Subcontracting Reform will have on companies operating in Mexico, and provide tips on navigating the employment considerations surrounding this issue of outsourcing and subcontracting personnel.

Speakers: Ricardo Castro, Salvador Pasquel, Javiera Medina, María José Casillas, Marco Rojas, Carlos Martin del Campo, Ma. Rosario Lombera González, Alfonso García

*Available in English and Spanish


Changes in the Workplace Now That We Have COVID-19 Vaccines (March 29, 2021)

As vaccines become more readily available in Mexico through the National Vaccination Policy, employers have lots of questions about how this changes the return to the workplace. In this video, our Labor and Employment lawyers discuss the vaccine policies and procedures being adopted by Mexican employers, as well as the legal and practical considerations to address.

Speakers: Carlos Martin del Campo, Gabriel Ortiz, Martha Mayorga-Luna

*Available in English and Spanish


Client Questions on Mexico's New Teleworking Obligations (March 2, 2021)

There are new regulations impacting Mexican employers operating a remote workforce. Companies must comply with new expense reimbursement requirements for teleworking employees. In this Quick Chat video, we discuss Mexico's new teleworking obligations, and share practical advice for the questions arising since the new rules came into effect in January.

Speakers: Javiera Medina, Liliana Hernandez-Salgado

*Available in English and Spanish


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