Quick video chats for the Mexican workplace 

Welcome to Quick Chats for the Mexican Workplace, Baker McKenzie's Labor and Employment video chat series for Mexican employers. In each on-demand episode, our lawyers provide insights and quick, practical tips on today's most pressing issues and legal developments impacting employers operating in Mexico including COVID-19 reopening developments and other trending topics.


New Federal guidelines for States to follow when issuing regulations regarding the third COVID-19 wave in Mexico (August 17, 2021)

In this Quick Chat video, Baker McKenzie’s Labor and Employment lawyers discuss the new Federal guidelines based on the stop-light color system for States to follow when issuing regulations during the third wave of COVID-19 in Mexico. We also review changes to the criteria for employees to be considered vulnerable personnel, and share six tips for employers to keep in mind when implementing preventative measures in the workplace.

SpeakersAlfonso GarcíaMaría José Casillas, Marco Rojas


Outsourcing No More? Steps for Mexican Employers to Take Now In Response to the New Subcontracting Reform (May 14, 2021)

In this Quick Chat video, Baker McKenzie’s Labor and Employment and Tax lawyers analyze the impact the Subcontracting Reform will have on companies operating in Mexico, and provide tips on navigating the employment considerations surrounding this issue of outsourcing and subcontracting personnel.

Speakers: Ricardo Castro, Salvador Pasquel, Javiera Medina, María José Casillas, Marco Rojas, Carlos Martin del Campo, Rosario Lombera, Alfonso García


Changes in the Workplace Now That We Have COVID-19 Vaccines (March 29, 2021)

As vaccines become more readily available in Mexico through the National Vaccination Policy, employers have lots of questions about how this changes the return to the workplace. In this video, our Labor and Employment lawyers discuss the vaccine policies and procedures being adopted by Mexican employers, as well as the legal and practical considerations to address.

Speakers: Carlos Martin del Campo, Gabriel Ortiz, Martha Mayorga-Luna


Client Questions on Mexico's New Teleworking Obligations (March 2, 2021)

There are new regulations impacting Mexican employers operating a remote workforce. Companies must comply with new expense reimbursement requirements for teleworking employees. In this Quick Chat video, we discuss Mexico's new teleworking obligations, and share practical advice for the questions arising since the new rules came into effect in January.

Speakers: Javiera Medina, Liliana Hernandez-Salgado

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