Manifestos are the platform on which a political party stands. Despite occasional commentary to the contrary, if a party is elected to power, its representatives in government are generally reluctant to break manifesto commitments. Manifestos have democratic legitimacy, and the civil service look to them as a guide as to how the new government will proceed. Manifestos are also deployed by journalists to hold a government to account. As a result, we can look to the manifestos, as far as they go, to provide us with an initial guide as to how the parties intend to govern after the election, should they win.

Our UK General Election Tracker is designed to provide you with a summary of the policies outlined in the Conservative and Labour manifestos and an indication of what the potential impact on our clients may be.

Following the General Election, we intend to continue to update this tracker as the winning party's manifesto commitments are fleshed out in more detail and translated into policy and legislation. We would welcome your questions and would be pleased to discuss any aspect in more detail.

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