Increasing globalization and economic uncertainty have created a much more demanding and competitive marketplace while shareholders continue to pressure companies to increase their returns. Change through successful integration and reorganization can often ensure a business is fully equipped to meet these challenges. However, the hard truth is that many businesses never reap the intended benefits as transformations often fail to make the leap from planned strategy to effective execution.

We understand this dilemma and have been guiding clients through these transformations for years to ensure they meet their intended objectives. Our Global Reorganizations Practice comprises cross-border and inter-disciplinary teams of corporate, employment, tax, intellectual property and commercial practitioners who undertake pre-transaction planning, spinoffs, supply chain reorganizations, fiscal efficiency projects and post-acquisition integrations. This makes us one of only a handful of professional firms with a practice group devoted to providing clients with commercial advice for global and domestic business transformations. 

Our approach for ensuring clients achieve a successful transformation is simple. We provide a solutions-led approach based on a client's global objectives, project management by a close-knit team with the right expertise and experience, and collaboration with in-house teams to ensure we address all issues while minimizing disruption of day-to-day operations.