A practical tool providing quick, easy and customized access to key aspects of the legal and regulatory M&A framework across the globe. 

Conducting cross-border M&A transactions in the current climate is more challenging than ever - in addition to an economic slowdown and geopolitical concerns, businesses continue to face a rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain legal and regulatory landscape. So, staying up to date on the latest market trends and legal developments is critical.

Our Global Private M&A Guide examines the impact of new and existing laws on deal structuring and private M&A generally in nearly 40 countries. It provides a holistic overview of the key legal and regulatory M&A framework through all stages of the transaction process, including structuring the deal, getting to signing, integration and understanding the broader legal landscape - foreign investment restrictions, antitrust issues, tax considerations, employment law obligations and anti-bribery concerns.

This guide is available online, allowing you to filter data by jurisdiction or topic, compare data across jurisdictions and topics, or examine one particular jurisdiction in depth.

Global Private M&A Guide 2021

We hope you find this guide useful in your M&A journey! 

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