The number of cross-border carve-out transactions has been growing since the global economic crisis forced multinational companies to refocus on core business competencies and dispose of non-strategic product and service lines. Given the pressure that companies continue to face from shareholders and market fluctuations, recent surveys suggest that multinational divestitures are on the rise.

But separating an integrated business division from the rest of a global company across dozens of jurisdictions is complex and difficult. The deal team needs to segregate the target business and present an implementation plan to bidders in a way that instills confidence in the deal. They also need to be able to implement the sale and the separation with certainty and on time.

Our M&A lawyers have a long track record of helping multinational companies throughout the entire lifecycle of their transactions. We have developed proven techniques that break down the complexities of these deals into a manageable, efficient process covering all of the human resources, legal, finance and tax implications.

These techniques include auction tactics to push the timetable, best practice templates, global precedents to ensure consistency across jurisdictions, and project managers to oversee the process. No matter the scale of the transaction and the number of jurisdictions, we manage these projects to ensure clients achieve the best value on their disposals.