Baker McKenzie and The Deal have partnered on Talking M&A, a podcast series. From navigating the complexities of carve-outs or tech transactions to cross-border trends, gain expert insights from Baker McKenzie partners and uncover key topics in a complex transactional landscape.


Talking M&A: Competition Complexities

Published November 20, 2023

Following a number of crackdowns from global competition regulators, Duffy Lorenz (Partner, Chicago) and Creighton Macy (Partner, Washington, DC) share their experiences, insights and advice for clients looking to run a smooth deal process and minimize unexpected antitrust curveballs.


Talking M&A: Post-Merger Integration

Published October 13, 2023

Following the publication of Baker McKenzie’s 20th anniversary edition of its Post-Acquisition Integration Handbook, Helen Mantel (Partner, Chicago) and Jo Hewitt (Partner, London) share their unique experiences, insights and advice for clients seeking to yield optimal value creation once an M&A deal closes, touching upon key themes, including a changing regulatory landscape, foreign investment review, ESG and more.


Talking M&A: The Evolving Crypto Market

Published September 11, 2023

In the latest episode of Talking M&A, Lawrence Lee (Partner, Palo Alto) and Victoria Wong (Associate General Counsel, Corporate at Coinbase) explore M&A trends within the evolving cryptocurrency sector and give their unique insights into how dealmakers and serial acquirers are navigating industry headwinds and regulatory uncertainties, while taking a pragmatic approach for the future.

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Talking M&A: Spotlight on Healthtech and Biotech

Published February 8, 2023

In this episode of Talking M&A, Aarthi Belani (Partner, Palo Alto) is joined by Michael Greeley (co-founder, Flare Capital), Rachel Strick (Head of Immunology Business Development & Acquisitions, AbbVie) and Neel Varshney (founding partner, Patient Square Capital) to discuss how a new wave of dealmaking and investment has reshaped healthtech and biotech and how the industries are reacting to this new normal.

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Talking M&A: Cross-Border Dealmaking

Published October 5, 2022

In the second episode of Talking M&A, Airi Hammalov (Partner, New York) shares her insights on cross-border M&A trends and addresses the key considerations businesses should take to navigate macro headwinds and disruption and capture emerging opportunities.

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Talking M&A: The Carve-outs Landscape

Published July 7, 2022

In the first episode of Talking M&A, Steven Canner (Partner, New York) and Darcy Down (Partner, Los Angeles) join the host of Talking M&A, Rob Hartley, to discuss the ins and outs of carve-out transactions, what companies must consider before enacting such a deal and why carve-out deals are more complex and more intricate than ever before.

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