Gaining first relevant professional experience in the legal industry is not easy. That is why Baker McKenzie Switzerland has created the “Step In, Step Up” program.

We believe that every law student, with or without a network, should have the chance to gain work experience in a leading global law firm.

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As a global leading law firm based in Switzerland, Baker McKenzie Switzerland is aware of its responsibility when it comes to diversity, sustainability and equality. We believe that each student should have access to a first professional experience.

“Step In, Step Up” is about giving law and bachelor second- and third-year students the chance to gain a first professional experience in the fast-paced daily life of an international law firm – without worrying about compensation due to holiday job loss.

We consider all jobs as full-fledged work and also compensate them appropriately.

Our two-week program starts in February 2023 with only 3 to 4 students, allowing our lawyers to focus on you and to give you full insights into their work.

Interested in being part of the program? Find out how you can apply.

To take part in our program, you need to step up and take the plunge and enter in a little competition. All the relevant information had been given during our briefing call, which took place on 23 November 2022. In case you missed this call, you can watch the recording of the zoom session by following the link in the button below:

We will proceed step by step. After this first information meeting, you are now invited to register to the program by clicking on the second button below:

For questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Step In, Step Up team via email.

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Simon Ntah
Adriana Garcia Kapeller
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