The 2024 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Guide to Contaminated Land offers an overview of national laws and regulations in over 30 countries governing the discovery, management and clean-up of environmental impacts at industrial sites.

The guide addresses the key legal issues and risks that must be understood and assessed to ensure the effectiveness of any response to environmental contamination, including:

  • Respective national legislative frameworks
  • Regulatory requirements for the reporting and clean-up of contaminated lands
  • Applicable clean-up standards
  • Potential agency enforcement risk and liability for third-party claims
  • Ability of parties to transfer liability for contamination by contract
  • Status of new regulations and related clean-up standards governing the identification and clean-up of "forever chemicals" or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

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Country Authors

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Australia  Italy
Samuel Allam
Anna Vella
Francesco Goisis
Mario Cigno
Miriam Allena

Indonesia Kazakhstan
Tesalonika Barus
Raya Rayidanti Putri
Monica Tjahjono
Nadia Soraya
Nurgul Abdreyeva

Japan The Netherlands
Kana Itabashi
Misa Suzaki
Paul Goedvolk
Edo Berghuis
Fréderique Hubbelmeijer

China Spain
Scott Silverman
Yiwei Sun
Elisabet Cots
Irene Esteve

Singapore Sweden
Ken Chia
Daryl Seetoh
Victoria Wong
Olof Johannesson

Taiwan Switzerland
Tiffany Huang
Su-Fen Chen
Daniel Peregrina

Thailand Ukraine
Nam-Ake Lekfuangfu
Narawit Rujanant
Serhiy Piontkovsky
Nataliya Tyschenko

Vietnam Argentina
Oanh Nguyen
Phuc Thuy Hien Nguyen
Nguyen Minh Ta
Santiago Maqueda

Austria Brazil
Kathrin Hornbanger
Nesrin Yildirim
Renata Amaral
Giovani Tomasoni
Manuela Demarche
Alexandre Jabra
Walter Hellmeister
Rafael Gil
Trench, Rossi e Watanabe*

Czech Republic Chile
Petr Berger
Ondrej Berta

Mirco Hilgers

Egypt Colombia
Lamyaa Gadelhak
Hania Meshref

Camila Jiménez Lara

England & Wales Mexico
Graham Stuart
Rachel MacLeod

Federico Tuanova-Guinea

France Peru
Arnaud Cabanes
Pauline Abbouche
Nicole Freire

Germany USA
Andreas Neumann John Watson
Jessica Wicha

Benedek Kovács
Henrik Lakoczky

*Baker McKenzie and Trench Rossi Watanabe have executed a strategic cooperation agreement to consult on foreign law

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