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The most comprehensive guide of its kind, the Global Attorney-Client Privilege Guide is an interactive resource covering the law and best practices on privilege in 34 key jurisdictions.

The up-to-date understanding of the law of privilege found in the Guide helps companies to maximize the available protections and ensure that, where possible, privilege is maintained.

When litigation is threatened, companies whose employees know how to recognize and protect privileged information are better prepared to respond to the risks.

Moreover, against an increasing amount of regulatory and law enforcement activity, with more information sharing taking place between national agencies, it is crucial for multinationals to familiarize themselves with the law in the jurisdictions in which they operate — especially with regard to cross-border matters.

The Guide provides an overview of the most recent developments worldwide, and enables a comparative analysis to be performed in relation to the laws and professional rules of each jurisdiction. It addresses the most frequent issues surrounding privilege including:

  • The discovery process
  • Type and scope of privilege
  • Sharing documents with third parties
  • Privilege in criminal, regulatory and investigatory situations
  • Recent issues in the law of privilege


Global Attorney-Client Privilege Guide

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