Intellectual property as an asset class is now a major driver of corporate transactions.

At the same time, managing and protecting intellectual property has become increasingly complex for global companies.

Today, the importance of developing a coordinated global strategy to leverage your IP assets to maximum effect, while effectively protecting your IP rights, has never been a higher priority for businesses.

Businesses must now protect:   Businesses must now contend with:
Vast IP portfolio Vast IP Portfolios   Varied IP laws Varied IP Laws
Multijurisdictional operations Multijurisdictional Operations   Different levels of enforcement Different Levels of Enforcement

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Benefit from comprehensive strategic advice on all aspects of IP rights management from portfolio administration to acquisition, protection and monetization of trademarks, copyright, patents and trade secrets, as well as IP disputes management.

Portfolio Management

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Access the future of IP rights management with our 360° IP Solution.

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Integrating innovative technology, a specialized support center and backed by our market-leading global expertise, our 360° IP Solution provides unparalleled efficiency while maintaining the highest standard of quality and strategic insight.

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Optimize IP Assets Across Transactions

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Benefit from strategic advice to obtain maximum value for your IP assets across corporate transactions including mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs and spinoffs relating to the transfer and licensing of IP rights.

Post-close, our team will also help you preserve and optimize value through post-merger integration and ongoing monetization of the IP rights.

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Tax Optimization

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Gather advice from our global team on considerations with respect to tax-driven IP restructurings and migrations, as well as wider IP/tax strategy and structures.

Get transfer pricing analyses of IP licenses, transfers and other IP-related intra-group relationships leveraging our in-house legal and economist expertise.

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Trusted Globally

Put your trust in the world's largest IP brand management practice. With over 300 dedicated intellectual property lawyers across 74 offices in 45 jurisdictions, we bring strategic insight and expertise across the full scope of IP rights management with over 60 years of experience working with major brand owners and some of the world’s largest portfolios.