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Here's How Innovation Could Help Car Companies Hit by COVID-19

COVID-19's economic impact has massively hurt liquidity, supply, production and demand in the industry and we share our insights as to why innovation is a crucial response.
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As dramatic shifts in the mobility space compel businesses to be more agile than ever, bespoke business driven legal solutions are proving to be the essential first step toward confident and consistent company growth. Mobility providers, OEMs and suppliers are reconsidering their business models to adapt to a new uncharted regulatory space, constantly redefined by the accelerated adoption of new technology, changing customer expectations, health & environmental pressures and new market entrants. Visit our Future Mobility: Mapping Legal Routes page for our latest thought leadership on the mobility legal landscape.

Our Global Future Mobility Group has clear industry focus and brings to clients the processes and skill set required in this new world. Our group spans across practice groups and combines a broad expertise ranging from traditional automotive to information technology, cybersecurity, drones and aviation. The group concentrates on substance and processes alike and has developed a new mobility training program, concepts and tools helping legal departments navigate these changes. We have been an early adopter of design thinking in the legal sector working with our internal Service Design team to transform our services around our clients' needs.

With a global reach of over 300 corporate, tax, compliance, antitrust, environmental and disputes lawyers specializing in mobility, we can advise on the full range of new mobility issues - from data monetization, day-to-day sourcing and distribution to landmark deals to the sustainability and innovation.