22 March 2019
Baker McKenzie Launches Global Ridesharing Survey 2019
Ridesharing regulations continue to vary across jurisdictions and our Global Ridesharing Survey offers insights into ridesharing regulations in 29 jurisdictions across the world.
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As dramatic shifts in the mobility space compel businesses to be more agile than ever, bespoke legal solutions are proving to be the essential first step toward confident and consistent company growth.

Mobility providers, OEMs and suppliers are reconsidering their business models to adapt to a new unchartered regulatory space that never sleeps, constantly redefined by the accelerated adoption of new technology, changing customer expectations, environmental pressures and new market entrants.

Working closely with OEMs, suppliers, disruptors and service providers (such as insurers and banks), Baker McKenzie has identified the stumbling blocks that make legal teams and therefore businesses fall behind when dealing with change. To stay ahead of the curve, we have developed strategies to support our clients in becoming swifter, closer to market innovation and aligned with the wider legal environment.

Our Future Mobility Group takes an industry issue approach to help clients address risks efficiently, whether you are purchasing new assets, entering an unfamiliar jurisdiction, developing cutting-edge products or restructuring your operations.

With a global reach of over 300 corporate, tax, compliance, antitrust, environmental and disputes lawyers specializing in the mobility industry, we can advise on the full range of new mobility issues - from day-to-day sourcing and distribution to landmark deals as well as the legal implications and the environmental cost of innovation.

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