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Responsible AI and the War for Talent

Explore how businesses can responsibly address evolving AI risk in the context of recruitment and empower a more diverse and engaged workforce.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities are driving important business opportunities across all industries as companies utilise data across operations to develop new services, automate processes and inform decision making. Applied AI is gaining momentum across sectors with emerging use cases in optimising productivity while improving quality.

The launch of new Generative AI tools in 2022, such as ChatGPT-4 marked a pivotal point. The category of AI algorithms (typically underpinned by Large Language Models) that generate new sophisticated outputs based on unstructured data they have been trained on have the potential to redefine businesses and the customer experience.

Successful adoption of Applied and Generative AI require careful consideration of organisational, technical, ethical and regulatory issues. Emerging legal issues include regulation and liability issues associated with it, such as reliability and quality control of AI outputs, employment, IP, data, privacy and cybersecurity issues and bias within algorithms, leading some businesses to consider whether they should restrict internal use of the new tools.


Why Baker McKenzie?

 Establishing your AI framework    Design and build    Management and complicence

Establishing your AI framework


Design and build


Management and compliance

We can help with drafting and implementing responsible AI policies and procedures tailored to your company's risk tolerance, working with cross-functional teams including legal, compliance, management, engineering and HR to establish clear guidelines.


Advising on data input and integrity, we counsel on IP implications of data output and navigating regulatory risks surrounding proposed AI use cases. From confidentiality and data privacy concerns, to supporting the ethical use of AI addressing social impact.

  Monitoring a rapidly changing legal environment, our AI professionals will evaluate the impact of AI in corporate transactions and undertake leading AI compliance audits and risk assessments, including mapping and assessing current and future AI dependencies.
 Procurement    Transparency

AI governance


AI procurement and contracting

Transparency and explainability are central tenets of AI goverence. We can assist those making use of AI on requirements to disclose when AI is being used, explain decisions and the data driving those decisions.

  We can assist on advising on contracts with AI solution vendors and developers and embedding good practice around responsible AI throughout the supply chain.

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