Plant breeders innovate and invest to bring new varieties to the world. There has never been a time when they have been more important. But with significant variations in plant variety rights (PVR) systems around the world, it is challenging to know how best to protect your investment everywhere that counts.

Baker McKenzie's Global Plant Variety Rights Guide provides an easy way to get to know and compare different PVR systems around the world. It is the first of its kind, prepared by specialist lawyers from many of our offices around the globe. The guide covers 18 key jurisdictions — from China to Peru, from the USA to Australia, and from the European Union to Japan — and much of the content is not readily available elsewhere in English.

For a deeper dive into global PVR systems, the substantive guide provides the detail. We have also prepared the Plant Variety Rights Summary so plant breeders and PVR holders can quickly check the basics by country.

Both the summary and the guide enable instant comparisons to be made between jurisdictions, reducing the time and uncertainty of PVR decision-making.

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