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Global Plant Variety Rights Guide

The Global Plant Variety Rights Guide provides an easy way to get to know and compare different PVR systems around the world.
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Food and land use productivity will determine whether the world can feed a population while sustaining natural environments. Global population growth, changing consumer preferences and developments in technology — coupled with complex regulatory regimes — pose challenges to companies navigating the sector.

We work across borders and practice areas to advise on the regulation and market authorization of specific chemical and natural food ingredients and additives (including genetically modified, and ingredients/additives subject to food standards or prescribed limits) and on associated good manufacturing practices (GMP) issues as well as food/crop safety issues.

We have expertise in developing global transfer pricing and tax planning strategies in the sector, and represent clients in product liability cases and complex disputes. We also advise on the legal and regulatory aspects of food advertising and marketing, competition and trade, commercial agreements, intellectual property, data privacy, employment issues and market entry.