While there has been significant growth in the availability of guidance on compliance worldwide to date, there has been no systematic guide to how exactly compliance fits into the enforcement equation.

Being aware of legal implications is the first step to mitigating risk. This involves an understanding of

  • an overview of the compliance regimes in respect of economic crime and misconduct in difference jurisdictions in terms of both requirements and enforcement
  • practical assistance to practitioners tackling the challenges created by multifaceted and multijurisdictional global compliance issues
  • insight and guidance on key emerging areas in respect of compliance in economic misconduct

The Guide to Compliance, published by Global Investigations Review (GIR), brings together compliance guidance and criminal enforcement trends relating to financial crimes and misconduct. Baker McKenzie partners have contributed two chapters in GIR's guide.

Chapter Feature: Asia Pacific Compliance Enforcement

Understand the trends in relation to legislative and regulatory compliance enforcement in Asia Pacific.

The chapter covers:

  • Key areas of enforcement priorities, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABC), anti-money laundering (AML) and other key criminal offenses affecting multinational corporations
  • An overview of emerging compliance issues and enforcement trends relevant to multinational corporations and other commercial organizations with cross-border business

Written by Mini vandePol, Christine Cuthbert, Gerald Lam, Andrea Kan and Yuki Yung

Chapter Feature: Compliance Issues in Corporate Transactions

Identifying compliance risks in corporate transactions is essential not just to avoid the risk of a purchaser making a bad buy but also to avoid any risk of successor liability or future civil claims for historic or ongoing compliance issues.

The chapter covers:

  • Key compliance areas in due diligence
  • How to go about an effective assessment of compliance policies and procedures or issues in third-party dealings
  • How to go about remediating compliance issues identified in the course of the due diligence process

Written by Georgie Farrant, Gareth Austin, Michelle Rae Heisner and Andrew Martin


* An extract from the first edition of GIR’s The Guide to Compliance. The whole publication is available at the GIR website.

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