Though economic recovery is gaining traction, there are many signs of sustained pressure on global supply chains. With capacities severely impacted by factors such as the extended lockdowns, labor shortages, protectionist measures and increased demand for transparency, the resurgence of consumer demand is met with rising prices and, in some cases, limited product availability. Supply chain disruptions are the new normal and require close collaboration among companies' teams in developing sound and sustainable solutions.

Stay tuned to Baker McKenzie’s Supply Chains Disrupted video series for discussions and practical insights about current and emerging supply chain issues, with a focus on the tax, legal, trade and regulatory implications supply chain management teams should consider.


  Episode 4: Supply Chain Digitalization

We explore the pace at which digitalization is being embraced, the barriers to entry, and some of the opportunities that come along with data-enabled decision-making. We also discuss insights on tax policy and how regulations are keeping up with digitalization.



Episode 3: Key Trends in Global Restructurings

Restructuring and reorganization are common tactics in implementing supply chain strategies. What are the key considerations companies need to address especially in light of emerging tax and legal policy developments?





Episode 2: Trade Wars & Other International Trade Triggers

We discuss some of the trade, tax, customs and transfer pricing issues that companies need to understand in relation to planning and implementing sourcing and manufacturing strategies.





Episode 1: Supply Chains Disrupted

Our first episode provides an overview of the series and focuses on the latest triggers for disruption, and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to supply chain management.


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