Access real-time step-by-step guidance on your rights and obligations

Our Dawn Raid App provides practical assistance and peace of mind for in-house legal teams and individuals on the ground handling unannounced inspections.

The app answers a whole range of practical questions on a country-by-country basis under local law such as “Can inspectors demand passwords to allow IT access?” “Can employees leave the building with their laptops?” It provides clients experiencing a raid with real-time, step-by-step guidance on their rights and obligations, as well as instant access to Baker McKenzie antitrust and tax lawyers.

Key features include:

  • Coverage of 44 key jurisdictions, including the EU, covering both local administrative and criminal laws
  • Automatic click-through to the correct country checklist with step-by-step practical guidance on what to do and what not to do for civil and criminal antitrust and tax raids
  • Ability to contact a local Baker McKenzie specialist directly, with specific teams ready to respond to an antitrust or tax raid
  • Camera accessibility so users can take and send photos of the dawn raid warrant and other key documents allowing Baker McKenzie to provide immediate legal support before even arriving at the site of the raid
  • Antitrust dawn raid guidance relating to China and Japan are available in Mandarin and Japanese translation

To continue to meet the needs of our clients, we chose to produce customized guidance and provide bespoke response teams for those potentially facing tax raids, as well as antitrust."
- Samantha Mobley, Partner, London

Access to the Baker McKenzie Global Dawn Raid App is limited to Baker McKenzie clients.

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