Sustainable Finance: From Niche to New Normal
Delving into the role of private finance, regulation and measurement in moving sustainable finance from niche into mainstream.
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Sustainability: An Increasingly Important Driver of Business Strategy

We are witnessing a monumental once in a lifetime paradigm change in the way global business operates. For all – regulators, governments, policy makers, the private sector, investors and financiers – the UN Sustainable Development Goals and, in particular, climate change considerations have moved rapidly from the margins to the very heart of decision making.

With the goal of playing a more critical role in achieving a greener and cleaner economy, and having access to additional sources of capital to develop green energy projects and diversify into green investment portfolios – institutional investors, lenders and the largest global corporates, from a variety of industries, are moving to champion sustainability. This shift also causes them to adapt their business strategies as a result.

Baker McKenzie is the global leader in sustainable finance as we have been a pioneer in this space for more than 20 years, specifically on issues related to climate change. As part of our commitment to sustainability and leading market experience in this growing area, we are proud to leverage our talent, innovation and relationships to make a positive and sustainable societal impact, and partner with our clients across several industries to help them execute their sustainability investments and strategy.  

Combining our world-leading Clean Energy and Climate Change Practice with our creativity and understanding of this trend to our clients’ business, we are superbly placed to lead this momentous paradigm shift in doing business with our clients.

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