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Finding Balance: The Post-COVID Landscape for Financial Institutions

This series of briefings seeks to map the post-pandemic environment that financial institutions need to navigate as we move to the new normal.
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Sovereign actors face a cacophony of significant dynamic and novel challenges in the decade to 2030 and beyond. These include accelerating climate change, rising bilateralism/fading multilateralism, trade disputes and trade wars amid increasing protectionism, cybersecurity, the use of sanctions as a geopolitical foreign policy tool, exploding data management and data protection issues, fintech, migration, resource nationalism, food security and recently, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on societies and markets. Existing traditional challenges remain, in a more connected and complex manner — national security, territorial sovereignty and maritime disputes, raising finance and so on — remain but in a more connected and complex and changing world. Faced with all these new and traditional challenges through the 2020s, these state actors will continue to be critical participants in the business and financial marketplace.

We help our sovereign actor clients navigate this fast-shifting landscape with calibrated, strategic and coherent advice. We offer experience, technical expertise, an innate sense of how sovereign actors operate, bench strength, geographic reach and a deep understanding of the pervasive issues throughout the sovereign universe.

After a period of decline in the role of the sovereign state, the impact of the Great Financial Crisis (from 2007) has resulted in significant growth in the size, ambition and activities of state actors in the global business and financial markets, in particular in the emerging and frontier markets.

This sovereign universe comprises markedly distinct actors playing myriad roles including:

  • the sovereign state
  • state agencies
  • central banks
  • state-owned entities (including National ResourceCos and State Pension Funds)
  • national development banks
  • sovereign wealth funds
  • supranationals

Sovereign actors