We are pleased to share with you our annual briefing looking at financial services regulation and enforcement in 2024, "What does 2024 hold? Key upcoming developments and enforcement trends".

With Brexit and the pandemic firmly in the rear-view mirror, and the geopolitical ebb-and-flow settling into a somewhat more stable – if preciously perched – pattern, regulators around the world have turned their attention to less reactive, more forward-looking actions. Our London Financial Institutions Regulatory and Enforcement experts explore the key developments and trends expected to dominate the regulatory landscape this year.

Key themes discussed include:

  • What happened in 2023, and what should we expect in 2024?
  • Global Enforcement Themes
  • Enforcement and Financial Crime
  • Regulatory Direction of Travel in the UK
  • Markets, Funds and Investments
  • ESG
  • Risk Management, Governance and Oversight
  • Tech, Innovation and Data
  • Crypto
  • Consumer Protection

Key Upcoming Developments and Enforcement Trends 2024

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