Repurposing real estate is not new, but given the multiple changes and challenges the world has been going through, it is more relevant than ever.

Maximizing the use of real estate has always been a necessity for businesses to stay competitive and relevant, and repurposing real estate ensures that the value of properties are optimized.

Across all classes of real estate, user behavior, changes in business models and sustainability are driving change. Repurposing real estate is the most cost-effective way to adapt to these changes.

Legal issues in repurposing real estate

In the second article of this series, we discuss the legal issues facing repurposing projects, including through construction.


What is repurposing, and why is it relevant today?

In the first article of our Repurposing Real Estate series, we look at what repurposing real estate means and explore examples across different classes of real estate assets.


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