The commercial real estate market has been drastically affected by the shift to hybrid working, the evolution of digitalization and the growth of online sales, geopolitical issues, and the pandemic, among other relevant factors. Evolving regulatory requirements in key real estate markets and rapidly changing economic environments have made it more challenging for multinational companies and other investors to efficiently manage their real estate portfolios. On top of this, rising cost pressure, new leasing standards and technology advancements, such as the rise of artificial intelligence, are forcing many companies to reevaluate their corporate real estate strategy and operations.

We have created the Global Corporate Real Estate Guide with the belief that, whether you are an investor or an occupier, having up-to-date knowledge on real estate law in various jurisdictions is vital in decisions concerning your business.

Covering 39 jurisdictions across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, this newly updated guide is intended to provide fundamental information on each country’s real estate laws, including its system of registration, and common commercial terms related to acquisitions, disposals, leases, planning and environmental issues. 

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