The responsibility falls on everyone to contribute to an inclusive culture and when each workplace function collaborates and has a defined role, we see greater overall impact on the ability of all to thrive."

- Anna Brown, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

Part 1: Insights From Global Compliance Leaders

As diversity and inclusion (D&I) has risen to the forefront of corporate agendas globally, pressure for organizations to accelerate progress around this space has been further intensified by recent social movements, rising stakeholder pressure and the disproportionate impact that COVID-19 has had on communities of color and women.

But amid the imperative for change, disconnects between organizational functions and unclear roles in corporate D&I strategies threaten to hinder progress. Our Mind the Gap Series looks to explore the role that each function has in creating a culture of inclusion and how collaboration across leadership, HR, compliance and others will be key.

In the first iteration of this series, we examine the role that compliance leaders, in particular, have to play. This report, in collaboration with Howlett Brown, looks at the connection between diversity, inclusion and compliance and is based on key findings and insights from a survey of more than 600 compliance leaders.

In this report, we explore:

  • the compliance function as a critical component of D&I success
  • the four key gaps preventing greater connectivity between compliance teams and corporate D&I strategies
  • how organizations can strengthen their approach to D&I, support change and manage risk

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