Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce remains a business imperative for global employers. Despite stakeholder and social pressure to accelerate progress, many companies have been unable to move the dial towards greater equality and diverse representation in the workplace. Stubborn Inclusion & Diversity challenges are showing no sign of disappearing of their own accord.

A campaign to improve diversity must be fought on many fronts. In May 2022, a panel of I&D experts, including best-selling author Dr. Stefanie Johnson, discussed the findings of the report Mind the Gap: Insights from Global Employment Leaders and the steps diversity and HR leaders are taking to accelerate I&D progress and the challenges they are encountering. Watch the videos below to find out more.


Tackling the Barriers to I&D Success


Addressing Equal Pay & Pay Equity Disparities


Dr. Stefanie Johnson on the Best I&D Strategies


Dr. Stefanie Johnson on a Sense of Belonging


Dr. Stefanie Johnson's Top 3 Recommendations to Create an Effective I&D Strategy