Global Private M&A Handbook provides ground-breaking guidance in 43 countries

With cross-border M&A activity comprising over on-third of global M&A deals, we have launched the latest edition of our market-leading Global Private M&A Handbook. This comprehensive guide covers the full transaction cycle in 43 countries, which were responsible for 93% of announced global M&A activity in 2015 by volume and 97% by value.

The handbook offers valuable insights into the impact of brand new and existing laws affecting deal structuring and private M&A generally, is current as of September 2016, and gives dealmakers an overview of the key legal and regulatory M&A framework in each jurisdiction through all stages of the process, including:

  • Common acquisition methods
  • Choice of corporate vehicle
  • Purchase agreement provisions
  • Customary issues when negotiating acquisition agreements*
  • Compliance issues
  • Merger control
  • Licensing requirements
  • Tax considerations
  • Employment law obligations

*Cross-border M&A transactions continue to represent an essential part of the long-term growth strategies of businesses worldwide. Yet even the simplest deals can become complicated when trying to find common ground between countries that each have unique market practices resulting from complex legal and regulatory nuances. To help navigate this complexity, the handbook includes an analysis of certain key provisions in typical purchase agreements.

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