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Keep up to date with new policy developments, latest legal issues and commentary on the growth of the low-carbon hydrogen market.
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Recent events have accelerated the energy transition across the industry. Majors have set net-zero targets and continue to increase their investment in renewable energy to diversify their revenue base and secure their business for the long run. Hydrogen will also play a crucial role in making this fundamental change. Despite regulatory challenges and legal complexity, incentives are becoming available to encourage investment into decarbonized hydrogen, and along with government support, these important opportunities exist for businesses seeking to reap first-mover advantages.

The shale gas boom in the United States and around the world is transforming the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry. The continued development of shale gas plays in the United States will likely create additional LNG export opportunities, with many existing import terminals embarking on major modification projects to add export capacity.

The globalization of the oil and gas industry and new market trends mean that National Oil Companies (NOCs) are facing increasing challenges and new commercial and jurisdictional demands on their business models and strategies.

Lawyers in our Global Oil and Gas team have been advising some of the world’s largest NOCs for over 50 years. We have a deep understanding of the issues faced by NOCs and how an NOC's perspective will often differ from international oil companies or independents.

Our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the issues and opportunities in the shale market that mean the most to your success. When you work with our oil and gas team, you also benefit from the support of our wide network of practices that provide an interdisciplinary team approach to transactions and problem solving.