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The Future of Capital Raising in Biotech and Pharma

Despite a decline in overall global activity, the biopharma sectors continue to perform strongly, bolstered by several factors. 
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The use of biotechnology to develop new health care products and vaccines to diagnose and treat diseases provides much hope and potential for thousands of patients. It's also a sector that requires significant investment and years of research to produce great science while diligently documenting and protecting innovations in a rapidly changing, sometimes difficult regulatory environment. Succeeding in this sector often requires biotech companies to form alliances, joint ventures and licensing technologies to advance their research and keep the capital flowing.

Our biotech lawyers advise startups, established biotech companies and leading research universities at all stages of development, from initial feasibility and advanced clinical trials to regulatory review, freedom to operate investigations, patent litigations and corporate compliance. We also represent biotech clients in strategic alliances, acquisitions, and  capital raising efforts involving private equity, venture capital and public offerings. Our team includes many practitioners with doctoral degrees in natural sciences who use their knowledge of science and technology to help clients mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities in this fast-moving sector.